3 Modules
28 Video Lessons
Approx. 2 hours
PDF Reference Guide



What You'll Learn In This Self-Paced Workshop

3 Modules  |  28 Video Lessons  |  Approx. 2 hours  |  Workshop PDF Reference Guide

Western Psychology vs. Buddhist Psychology

9 Video Lessons

  1. Our Current Context 
  2. Buddhist Psychology - What Do You Think It Is? 
  3. Different Approaches, Different Objectives
  4. The Differences In "Point Of View" 
  5. The Therapeutic Method: Making Object Into Subject 
  6. The Mindful Meditation Method: Making Subject Into Object 
  7. Meditation Never Gets To Projection 
  8. On Having An Integrated Practice 
  9. Pros/Cons Of Both Approaches 
The 5 Aggregates - The Phenomenological View

8 Video Lessons

  1. States Training: The Spectrum Of Consciousness 
  2. Every State Has A Body 
  3. The Non-Self perspective vs. the Non-Dual perspective
  4. What Are The 5 Aggregates? 
  5. Perceptions And Mental Formations
  6. The Meaning Of "Feelings" 
  7. Emotions Are Of The Mind 
  8. The 5 Aggregates And Spectrum Of Consciousness
The Links Of Dependent Origination

 10 Video Lessons

  1. The Parable Of Man And The Hole 
  2. Links Of Dependent Origination
  3. Mindfulness And The Threshold Of Perception
  4. The Casual Chain Of Experience
  5. Undoing The Causal Chain
  6. Non-Arising Of Identity
  7. How Do You Experience Dependent Origination
  8. Group Discussion
  9. Catch-22 And Dependent Origination
  10. Thank You!

There is a blueprint to consciousness.
This is a fact. And here’s the deal...
The blueprint of your consciousness,
And the blueprint of my consciousness,
Is the same blueprint of consciousness. 


Ken Wilber

Your Teacher:

About Miles Kessler

Miles Kessler is a dual-lineage holder in both the Burmese "Mahasi" tradition of mindfulness meditation and the "Iwama" tradition of the martial art of Aikido. 
For over 25 years Miles has been teaching meditation and the embodiment of spiritual awakening to thousands of people around the world.
His work focuses on getting established in mindfulness meditation, developing spiritual insight, integrating the disowned aspects of the personality, and the discovery of one's spiritual potential.

"Miles is a rare kind of teacher. He has cultivated deep meditative discipline and most importantly, his heart is wide open. You can't help but grow in his company."
Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi - Zen Teacher, Integral Facilitator, & Author



What Miles' Students Are Saying...


This workshop really brings
Buddhist Psychology to life! Miles presents this training with clear knowledge of both Buddhist Psychology and mindfulness meditation. Give this gift for yourself!

- Ingrid, The Netherlands | SeeTrue Mindfulness Teacher Training Participant


With a lot of humor, Miles took us into the world of Buddhist Psychology. He made this potentially boring subject light and fun. He embodies mindful attitudes to the maximum. It was a great training! 

- Jeanne, Belgium | SeeTrue Mindfulness Teacher Training Participant

Miles has a unique way of guiding which allowed me to get to the truth of my soul and unleash the shadows within. I'm now able to be with my meditative practice for longer periods with curiosity and patience. He is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." 

- Amy, U.S.A. | Expressive Arts Therapist

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Buddhist Psychology For Mindfulness Meditation


Self-Paced Workshop

  • 3 Modules

  • 28 Video Lessons

  • Approx. 2 Hours Of Learning Content

  • Workshop PDF Reference Guide