Meditation has been the core spiritual practice throughout human history. In fact, Aikido began with a profound awakening that was triggered by the founder's deep commitment to the spiritual path. Meditation is the spiritual depth from which O Sensei's creative genius emerged. It is the very source of the art we all know and love as Aikido.

However, over time the potential of awakening through Aikido has been largely lost. These days spirituality in Aikido has been reduced to a vaguely defined esoteric idea that is out of reach of the average person. 

The fact is, Aikido’s rich spiritual potential is all too often reduced to the material dimensions of technical training, self defense and martial arts. It is true that the technical and martial aspects of the art are amazing. But was this O Sensei's mission for Aikido in the world? Did you ever wonder what happened to Aikido as one of humanities  sacred awakening  traditions?

Has Aikido as a spiritual path been completely lost?



What if Meditation is the key to unlocking the spiritual depth... in your Aikido... and your life?

Spiritual traditions have used the practice of meditation as a technology for awakening throughout millennia. But chances are that you've accepted the common assumption that awakening in Aikido is either impossible, or simply out of your reach. An exception for a rare few, and only then after years of committed practice. 

But the fact is that awakening to your deepest spiritual nature has been the liberating goal of all spiritual traditions, including Aikido. These traditions are in clear and unanimous agreement in their declaration  that:

Spiritual awakening IS possible for you to attain in this very life.

True awakening can never be attained as long as you consider it to be an out of reach mystical secret. Could it be possible to awaken the Spiritual Unity of O Sensei's Aikido... here and now? Could Aikido be a higher path of attaining wisdom, compassion and creativity? 

Now, thanks to meditation teacher and Aikido sensei Miles Kessler all of this is about to change.
The empowering claim of "Meditation For Aikidoka" is that Aikido is an authentic... and accessible... spiritual path.

Let's be clear. Aikido is an authentic spiritual path that deserves a place as one of humanities sacred spiritual traditions. Surely you have experienced:

  • The LIBERATING ONENESS in Aikido where you are so deeply centered in the moment that past and future fall away into the timeless NOW.
  • The UNIVERSAL FLOW of blending effortlessly and moving in perfect harmony with your partners energy free of any personal agenda.
  • The INTUITIVE WISDOM of responding perfectly and appropriately to the other's actions while being in the right place... at the right time... in the right way.

And yet, the chances are that you believe the common assumption that the spiritual wisdom at the core of Aikido is only accessible after years of austere training, and only for a rare few.

Now thanks to the pioneering efforts of meditation teacher and Aikido Sensei Miles Kessler this is about to change.

Miles is calling this course “Meditation For Aikidoka” and it is transforming every assumption about Aikido and spirituality you have ever had. 

"Meditation For Aikidoka" Will Give You Direct Access To The Spiritual Wisdom Of Aikido... Any time, In Any Place, And Under Any Circumstances.

"Meditation For Aikidoka" is a groundbreaking course that will empower you to awaken the wisdom and compassion at the core of the art of Aikido. When you join "Meditation For Aikidoka" you will get straight forward guidance, simple meditation practices and Aikido exercises that are easy to understand and in  plain english. Through the course of this program you will immediately see your capacity for deep empathy, connection and creativity increase and directly impact both your Aikido, and your life.

Now the secrets to the art are available to you and the best thing about "Meditation For Aikidoka" is that it doesn’t take decades to awaken. Instead of spending years of endless technical repetition, you will immediately begin experiencing the spiritual heart of Aikido. Which is also the fundamental core of your Being.

All you need to do to unlock your own spiritual potential is to learn the spiritual practices and principles that enable you to awaken Aikido's liberating wisdom any place and any time. 

Once you discover the liberating potential of
"Meditation For Aikidoka" your Aikido, and your Life may never be the same.

Meditation For Aikidoka

An 8-Week Online Meditation Course with
Integral Dojo Founder Miles Kessler

We’re excited to announce that, starting Nov. 26th, 2017, for only the second time, the online course "Meditation For Aikidoka" will be available to the global Aikido community.

Meditation teacher and Aikido sensei Miles Kessler will guide you through a comprehensive step-by-step program where you will learn the practice of Meditation that will unlock spiritual awakening in your Aikido practice, and your life.

Over 8 consecutive weeks, from the privacy and comfort of your own home, you’ll learn the powerful, effective, and life-changing meditation practice that has already impacted the lives of many people around the world.

Letter From Miles Kessler

Hello All,

I'm excited to announce that for only the second time I will be offering a comprehensive 8-week on line program to teach you the practice of "Meditation For Aikidoka".

I have been teaching both Aikido and meditation for over 20 years and even though these two disciplines do have the same spiritual core... all to often they are not connected.

On my own spiritual path I have had the honor of deep learning from some of the greatest masters in both the Aikido and Buddhist meditation traditions. Together with their invaluable guidance I have also had the great privilege of being in spiritual friendship with a global community of teachers and researchers who are tirelessly working to evolve Aikido and meditation in a way that meets the needs of life in the 21st century.

Both in my teaching travels and here at home, I am regularly approached by students who long to bring together the spiritual wisdom of Aikido and of meditation. It is with this clear communal need that I have developed this course... just for you.

Through out this course, together with your global practice community (and some simply awesome guest teachers) you will learn the potent, life-changing meditation practice that has already transformed the lives of many.

I hope that you will join me in this spiritual journey of awakening through the practice of "Meditation For Aikidoka".

With Love,


What Course Participants Are Saying

"The course "Meditation for Aikido" has enabled me to establish meditation as a part of my life. Miles's teaching is both profound and simple because it is based on his own true understanding of the dharma. It has given me the skills to connect with and explore my own inner awareness and freedom."

Chantal Waelchli
Zurich, Switzerland

"Miles is a modest and precious teacher who creates an atmosphere that is very pleasant and special. He provides practical tools that helped me to integrate the teachings in daily life and better contain the challenges of a long day."

Tel Aviv, Israel

"Before taking this course, I didn't know much about meditation, let alone how it was relevant to aikido. Today, I have a daily meditation practice as well as a theoretical framework that influence my aikido and my life in ways I could not have predicated. This course is invaluable for any aikidoka of any rank. I am grateful for what I have learned from Miles and the amazing people who joined me."

Kelly Banister
British Columbia, Canada

"The MFA course helped me to make important progress in both my meditation and aikido practice. The virtual classes, community calls, along with the dharma discussions available online all helped to implement into daily practice what earlier was sort of a struggle. On my journey Miles has been an immense source of wisdom, a very approachable teacher, and an attentive coach."

Lajos Forras
Budapest, Hungary

"The Meditation for Aikidoka course has taken my Aikido to a new level of understanding. More importantly, this course has opened new visions in my spiritual practice. It has been a turning point in my life. "

Moris Saul
Izmir, Turkey

"Connecting with Miles and the MFA community has helped me to grow by finding deeper meaning in my practice. What Miles offers is an important and it has made a wonderful difference for my own meditation, Aikido, and my work as a hypnotherapist. I feel very grateful for his deep, special work."

Brenda Cheyne
Wellington, New Zealand

"This course has absolutely enriched both my aikido and meditation practices, intertwining them forever! Miles Kessler skillfully blends his solid experience in both Aikido and meditation into this excellent and unique course that serves both beginners and experienced practitioners in both arenas. This course is very interactive and rich in content, activities, and support."

Martine Shelley
Sacramento, Ca.

"After many years of trying to find a way to connect a meditation practice with my aikido practice, Meditation For Aikidoka finally enabled me to do that in a very meaningful way. Miles Kessler is unique. He is extraordinarily skilled as a teacher and guide and I highly recommend this course to all aikidoka everywhere."

Jerry Jordan
Sarasota, Florida

"I started this course knowing next to nothing about meditation. Miles' style of instruction was ideal because it was easy to understand, but complex enough for experienced students as well. He is an endless resource and inspiration. I actually look forward to meditating daily. I hope I get a chance to take this class again!"

Amber Adams
Los Angles, Ca.

"Miles Kessler’s understanding of both Aikido and Meditation runs very deep, and very wide. His class is reflective of his lifelong practice; and his ability to synthesize vast amounts of learning in order to meet each student where they are on this path. I am deeply grateful for his guidance. "

Wendy Marsh, BA, LMT
"Marsh Creek Coaching & Bodyworks"

Here's What You Will Learn In "Meditation For Aikidoka"

Module One: SHOSHIN - Aikido & The Beginners Mind

Self discovery always begins with the unknown, curiosity and the simple question of "Who am I?"  SHOSHIN means "beginner's mind" and it is the fundamental attitude of every seeker of self discovery. It is an attitude that is essential for the beginning of your journey, but also for each and every step on the Path of higher wisdom.  

What you will learn in this module: 

  • The empowering practice of intention.
  • What is the practice of "MINDFULNESS."
  • Coming home - centering in body, centering in mind.
  • The beginner's mind discovery cycle.

Module Two: MASAKATSU AGATSU - True Victory Is Victory Over One's Self 

Perhaps the most empowering  injunction that O Sensei's left to us was "Masakatsu Agatsu", or "true victory is victory over oneself". What ever external challenges you may face they are nothing compared to the internal challenges of your own mind. Walking a higher Path of development means to face, work with, and integrate you own limitations. "Masakatsu Agatsu" is the battle cry for the Spiritual Warrior.

What you will learn in this module:

  • Embracing conflict as a higher Path.
  • Inner "awase" - learning to blend with difficult mental and emotional states.
  • The practice of "It's never their fault."
  • By stopping the inner war with self, you stop the outer war with other. 

Module Three: MISOGI - Purification Of The Mind

Most likely you believe that you are in control of your mind. However, at least sometimes it's probably the other way around. You don't have thoughts such as blame, judgment, fear, desire and hatred. But rather, it is usually the case that these thoughts have you. By purifying the mind through meditation these negative mental states and emotions will gradually become replaced by more positive states of being.

What you will learn in this module:

  • Mindfulness as the basic Path of purification.
  • The practice of radical acceptance.
  • How self acceptance leads to self transcendence.
  • Negativity is velcro for the mind, positivity is teflon for the mind.

Module Four: ZANSHIN - Sustained Mindfulness

The unconscious mind is constantly ruminating on the past, and being concerned  about the future. This can have practical benefits, but it also removes you from the present moment. Zanshin literally means "remaining mind" and it is the state of sustaining your awareness in the here and now. True Aikido, whether in the dojo or in life, can only happen when we meet each moment fresh and new.

What you will learn in this module:

  • Establishing The Foundations Of Mindfulness
  • The initial application of  the mind & sustained application of the mind.
  • Process oriented consciousness with self, and with others.
  • A sense of urgency - the practice of nothing to do, and no time to waist.

Module Five: MUSHIN - Aikido And No Mind

We all see the world through rose colored glasses. The conceptual lenses of our education, our culture and our personal beliefs. Mushin means "No Mind" and it is the state of emptiness where all concepts drop away and you have a direct experience of reality. O Sensei said "To understand Aiki you must first understand emptiness." Mushin is the classic state to be attained to by the Spiritual Warrior.  

What you will learn in this module:

  •  The relationship between "AIKI" and "Emptiness".
  • What does it mean when fear drops away.
  • No self, no problem - no other, no fear.
  • "Kamae" - the inner stance of the mind.

Module Six: FUDO SHIN - Aikido And The Immovable Mind 

Change is the universal state of all phenomena. Your body and mind are in constant flux and flow, never coming to complete rest. And yet paradoxically, it is possible to rest as a pure witness of all that is changing. This is a capacity that you can develop. "Fudomyo" is the mind that does not move. Rest as the unshakable witness in pure consciousness, you will discover what it truly means to be with the raising and passing away of all experience. 

 What you will learn in this module: 

  • Go beyond fear by dissolving self
  • The empowering practice of impersonality.
  • "Inner ukemi" - The practice of holding center & letting go
  • How falling apart is the requirement for becoming unshakable.

Module Seven: DAISHIN - Big Mind, Big Heart & Aikido 

If the meditative state of "No Mind" dissolves all into emptiness, then the state of "Big Mind" embraces all in Oneness. Remaining limited in the dualistic view of self and other is a closed loop from which you can never escape the zero-sum cycle of conflict. Making the shift into the state of Big Mind will give you the liberating perspective where self and other truly come together as One.

What you will learn in this module:

  • Discovering the Unborn in Aikido.
  • Polarity and Unity in Aikido.
  • "Uchu soku ware" - The Universe and I are One.
  • The mind of wisdom and the heart of compassion in Aikido

Module Eight: TAKEMUSU AIKI - Harmony Created From Conflict 

Takemusu Aiki  is the highest expression of Aikido. It is the tantric practice that merges the absolute and the relative together as one Path. With Emptiness & Oneness as the ground of being you are able to radically embrace all of reality. By bringing together the duality of conflict and harmony, true creativity becomes possible. The dance of conflict & harmony is the evolutionary unfolding of Aikido.  

What you will learn in this module:  

  • Embracing conflict as Path.
  • When you get out of the way, Aikido happens.
  • Creativity IS the source of Aikido.
  • How to activate of your higher intelligence.

About Miles Kessler

Miles Kessler Sensei is an American teacher of Aikido (6th Dan), meditation, and Integral Practice. He lived in Asia for over 12 years achieving mastery in both Aikido and meditation.

Miles studied Aikido full time at the famous Iwama dojo with the late Morihiro Saito Sensei (9th dan Aikikai), including one year as a live-in apprentence (uchi deshi). 

After leaving Japan Miles spent a total of 3 years on intensive Vipassana meditation retreats. He practiced under the guidance of the renowned Burmese meditation master Sayadaw U Pandita in Burma, and Sayadaw U Vivekananda in Lumbini, Nepal. It was under their close guidance that Miles finished his formal meditation training in the Mahasi tradition in 2006. 

 Miles holds lineage in both the Iwama tradition of Aikido, and the Mahasi tradition of Vipassana meditation. This dual lineage is a rare accomplishment, making Miles a unique gift among western teachers.

Miles has been teaching internationally and guiding individuals and groups in developmental and transformational work for the past 20 years.

Miles has lived in Israel since 2006, where he is the guiding teacher of the Integral Dojo - Tel Aviv, a center for Aikido, Dharma, and Integral Practice. 

Here’s What Some of Today’s Leading Teachers Have to Say About Miles

Diane Musho Hamilton - Zen Sensei, Integral Facilatator, Author Of "The Zen Of You And Me"

“Miles Kessler is a rare kind of teacher. He has cultivated deep meditative discipline, he is a fully embodied Aikido master, and most importantly, his heart is wide open. You can't help but grow in his company."

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD - 7th dan Aikido Sensei, Executive Leadership Coach, Author

"A bow of acknowledgement to Miles for creating the Virtual Dojo. If Aikido is going to have a part to play in this rapidly changing world, then we need Virtual Dojos to bring us together to share, collaborate and practice musubi. With this work Miles is helping us move towards leaving the world a better place.”

Lawrence Koichi Barrish - Senior Shinto Priest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America, Dojo-Cho Kannagara Aikido

"Kessler Sensei embodies an abundant passion, penetrating understanding, and unusual depth of ability. Koichi Tohei Sensei once remarked that we human beings are like “people who have been bequeathed golden treasure by our parents, yet leave that treasure locked away, and instead beg for pennies”. It is my opinion that this describes much of what we see under the umbrella term “Aikido”. A welcome and bright exception would be the clarity and vision so elegantly expressed through the work of Miles Kessler Sensei.”

Linda Holiday Sensei - 6th Dan Aikido Teacher, Author, Director of Aikido Santa Cruz

“Miles’ teaching resonates with clarity and truth. You get a sense that his mind, heart and body are all in alignment as he speaks. His sincerity and humility make what he offers even more accessible and valuable.”

Mark Walsh - Coach in “Embodied Business”, “Leadership Training”, Director of Integration Training

“Miles is one of the wisest and most human facilitators I know. I love him dearly and respect his work."


Patrick Cassidy - 6th Dan Aikido Sensei, Meditation Teacher, Conflict Resolution Trainer

"Miles' spiritual insight, understanding of the Integral perspective, and embodiment of the principles of Aikido make him an rare facilitator and teacher. His unique capacity to share directly with others is an inspiring vision of human transformation.”

What You'll Receive!

Eight Live 90 min. Course Sessions w/ Miles (via Zoom Video Conference)

These live weekly sessions are the heart of your MFA course experience. With each module Miles will guide you through the "Mediation For Aikidoka" course, combining Dharma Talks, guided meditations, Dharma Discussions, breakout sessions, and a clarifying Q&A session with the course participants at the end of each call.

These sessions will be held on Sunday's at 11:00 a.m. PST. , 2:00 p.m. EST, 19:00 BST and Ireland, and 20:00 Central European timezone.

Weekly Q&A Sessions w/ Miles (via Zoom Video Conference)

These weekly community Q&A sessions are the perfect opportunity to explore your meditation in a group setting. Through this Q&A dialogue, Miles will guide you in fine tuning and clarifying your practice, as well as help you overcome any challenges you're encountering. Group coaching with Miles is a powerful process where you have the opportunity to share your practice, or simply benefit by learning from the experiences of others. These sessions are the perfect way to tap into the collective intelligence of the global sangha.

Eight Pre-Recorded Practice Videos

Each week you will receive a practice video from Miles (approx. 20 min.) where he will take you on a further exploration of the module topic. In these videos Miles will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your meditation practice and ow it relates to your Aikido and your life.

Eight Guided Meditation Downloads w/ Miles

Each week you will receive a 30-minute recorded guided meditation audio to listen to throughout the week. Created exclusively for this course these "meditation downloads" are a powerful catalyst for awakening in your daily life through out the week. They will be available to you for listening to on line, or to download the audio file for portable listening.

Weekly Personal Practice Worksheets

For each of the eight modules you will receive a PDF worksheet with easy to do exercises to help you carry the course practice into your dojo and daily life. These worksheets are great resources outlining the key points from each weekly module and help you integrate the practices and principles of "Meditation For Aikidoka."

Weekly Community Cohort Meetings (via Zoom Video Conference)

Following each weekly session you will have the opportunity to meet with other members of the MAF community. In these 30 min. meetings you'll be about to connect with community members from around the world to discuss and share about your practice. These cohort meetings a great way to bond with other members of our global sangha.

Weekly "Dharma Learning Pod" Practice Meet-Ups

An empowering part of the MAF program are the "Dharma Learning Pods". In these learning pods you will be grouped with one or two other members for self-organized meetings to practice together, and discuss your experience of the weekly modules. These Dharma Pods are a wonderful support for the course and a great way to bond with you fellow practitioners.

20 Hours Of Video Replays For Streaming & Downloading

All of the course sessions and Q&A's will be recorded and together with the 8 practice videos will be available for replay on your member's site. You will have life-time access to the member's site where you can watch, re-watch, download and study the complete course at your convenience.

Facebook Community Forum for Discussion and Sharing

As a course participant you will gain access to our exclusive, closed facebook group. This forum is a learning community where you can interact with Miles and other course members as you go through your weekly modules and practices. Sharing your challenges, insights and breakthroughs in the practice can be extremely supportive and have a grounding effect on your practice. 

20 Hours Of Downloadable Audio Archives

Each one of the course module and Q&A sessions will be recorded and available to you on our audio archives page. You will be able to listen to these recordings on line, or to download to listen at your convenience. These audio archives will be a valuable Dharma resource for you to keep and re-listen to for years to come.


Bonus #1: The MFA Masterclass 

Directly following the 8 week MFA course you will have access to a 4-part Masterclass with 4 of the Aikido worlds top Dharma transmitters. In these sessions you will dive deep into the practice from master teachers who are able to express the Dharma in their own unique way.  


Teja "Fudo Myo" Bell Roshi: "Mountains Are Mountains, Rivers Are Rivers" - Sunday, Feb. 4th, 2018

Eran "Jun Ryu" Vadri Roshi: "To Study The Self, Is To Lose The Self" - Sunday, Feb. 11th, 2018

Wendy Palmer Sensei: "Dedicating Your Thoughts To Emptiness"

Dominique Cassidy Sensei: "From Ego To Harmony, The Power Of Non-Resistance" - Sunday, Feb. 25th, 2018

$100 Value - FREE To You When You Join The Meditation For Aikidoka course.


Bonus #2: "The Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido"

A Mini-Course w/ Miles Kessler

In this pre-recorded course you will join Miles Kessler Sensei as he leads you through a 4 module experiential journey on the "Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido." 

Here's what you will learn in these 4 video sessions:

  • Session One: "Aikido & The Non-Self"
  • Session Two: "Aikido & Non-Duality"
  • Session Three: "Aikido & The Tantric Path"
  • Session Four: "Aikido & The Evolutionary Impulse"

“Miles Kessler is a rare kind of teacher. He has cultivated deep meditative discipline, he is a fully embodied Aikido master, and most importantly, his heart is wide open. You can't help but grow in his company.” 
- Diane Musho Hamilton

$100 Value - FREE When you Purchase Meditation For Aikidoka.

Bonus #3: "The Dharma Discussion Collection"

In 2016 and 2017 Miles Kessler recorded a series of "Dharma Discussions" with 10 men and women who are leading teachers in the fields of meditation, Aikido, Shintoism, Mindfulness and Neuroscience. 

Part interview, part debate, and all exploration, these Dharma Discussions are a total transmission of the spiritual dimension at the core of meditation, Aikido, & life.

These dialogues have never been released publicly and are now being made available in this special "Dharma Discussion Collection."  

Here's What You'll Get In This Collection:

  1. Diane Musho Hamilton: "Meditation, Capacity, & Competency"
  2. Lawrence Koichi Barrish: "The Soul's Journey Through Aikido"
  3. Dominique Cassidy: "Meditation - You Can't Get There From Here"
  4. Teja "Fudo Myo" Bell: "What Is The Dharma Of Aikido"
  5. Dr. Aviv Berkovich-Ohana: "The Neuroscience Of Meditation"
  6. Stephen Fulder: "Meditation, Inner Peace, & Action In The World"
  7. Keren Arbel: "The Awakening Factor Of Investigation"
  8. Patrick Cassidy: "Meditation, Aikido, & Effortless Being
  9. Franca Warmenhoven: "Mindfulness, Life, & Death"
  10. Rob Vinken: "Mindfulness & Aikido"

About Miles' Dharma Discussion Facilitation:

"It is said that a teacher is like a bell. The sound you get depends on how you ring the bell. Miles has a subtle skill of asking the right questions that get to the essence of things" - Paul Linden Sensei

$100 Value - FREE When you Purchase Meditation For Aikidoka.

Bonus #4: A 1-On-1 Path Coaching Session w/ Miles Kessler

Experience the transformational power of 1-on-1 coaching with Miles Kessler. Not only is Miles an visionary teacher, and inspiring facilitator, but he is also a highly skilled coach. In these 1-on-1 "Path Coaching" sessions, Miles will help you to assess where you are at in your meditation, sharpen you method of practice, identify any blocks in your practice, and give you the precise practices that will support you in moving forward in your development.

When you work with Miles 1-on-1 you will understand that there is no better way to move you forward on your Path. 

$100 Value - FREE When you Purchase Meditation For Aikidoka.

Join The "MEDITATION FOR AIKIDOKA" 8 Week Course And Get Started Today!

What you will get when you invest in this program:

  • Eight Weekly Live 90 min. Course Sessions
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Eight Pre-recorded Practice Videos
  • Eight Guided Meditation Downloads
  • Weekly Personal Practice Worksheets
  • Weekly Community Cohort Sessions
  • Weekly "Dharma Pod" Practice Meet-Ups
  • 20 Hours Of Video Replays For Streaming Or Downloading
  • Access To Closed Facebook Group For Community Discussion And Resourcing
  • 20 Hours Of Downloadable Audio Archives


  • "MFA Masterclass" w/ 4 Guest Teachers
  • "The Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido" 4-part Mini-course w/ Miles Kessler
  • "The Dharma Discussion Collection": Series Of 10 Interviews 
  • A 1-on-1 "Path Coaching" Session w/ Miles Kessler

A Total $400 Value In Bonuses - FREE To You When You Join "Meditation For Aikidoka"

Registration For The "Meditation For Aikidoka" 2017
Online Course Is Now Closed.

Thank you for your interest in the "Meditation For Aikidoka" online course w/ Miles Kessler. If you want to be informed when the next MFA course is opening, then please leave your email below.