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Aiki-Ken Masterclass

Course One: 

Basic Principles Of Bokken

Join Aikido Sensei Miles Kessler as he teaches you the basic principles of the Aikido Bokken.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

Module One: Introduction To Aiki-Ken

  • Aikido as an art based on bokken

  • The bokken as an integral part of Aikido

  • The importance of "hanmi" in Aiki-Ken and in Aikido

  • The benefits of bokken practice to your empty hand Aikido

Module Two: Bokken Etiquette

  • The proper way to handle the bokken

  • Proper bokken position before, and after training

  • How to do a standing bow

  • How to do a sitting bow

Module Three: Bokken Grip, Hanmi & Kamae

  • Proper bokken grip

  • Stepping into ken kamae

  • How to stand in hanmi

  • Basic ken kamae

  • Walking in ken kamae

  • 3 types of kamae

Module Four: Principles Of Striking

  • Striking vs. cutting w/ the bokken

  • Lifting and striking dynamics

  • Keeping your elbows in

  • Unifying the cutting line and the hanmi line

  • Top of head & vertical line

Module Five: Bokken And Body Integration

  • "Shisei" - posture

  • Bokken and center integration

  • From synchronization to integration

  • Structural integrity of kamae

  • Ground, center and extension

  • Bokken extension: it's a 1 centimeter game

What People Are Saying:

I have learned more in this Bokken series than I have with several years of Aikido practice. Thank You Miles - Please continue!

~ Michael Naranjo

This series has brought to light a higher level of Aiki-Ken than I thought possible. Thank you!

~ Robert Pickens, U.S.A.

Best money I've spent in a long time. Thank You Sensei!

~ Mike, U.S.A.