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Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict | Complete Tele-Summit Archives

Over 30 Teachers | 30 Practice Sessions | Your Front Row Seat For The Practice Of Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict!

Module One: The Keynote Address Sessions

Session 1:  Ken Wilber  |  "Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict"
Session 2:  Miles Kessler  |  "The Evolution Of Response" 
Session 3:  Steve McIntosh  |  "Embracing Conflict with Polarity Theory"
Session 4:  Diane Musho Hamilton  |  "When Diversity Creates Division"
Session 5:  Communal Round-Up Gathering

Module Two: The Dharma Sessions

Session 1:  Dr. Ginny Whitelaw  |  "Zen & The Art Of Conflict" 
Session 2:  Fr. David McCallum, S.J. | "Integral Christian approach To Conflict & Reconciliation"
Session 3:  Dr. Dominique Cassidy  |  "How Non-Duality Transforms Conflict"
Session 4:  Maria Bailey & Miles Kessler  |  "Compassion: From Conflict To Passion" 
Session 5:  Rob McNamara  |  "Dharma, Death and The Existential Conflicts Designed to Destroy Us"
Session 6: Shelley Pearce | “Engaging Our Heart's Wisdom While Facing Life’s Challenges” 

Module Three: The Evolution Sessions

Session 1:  Terry Patten  |  "The Coming Storm and the Next Level of Ferocity"
Session 2:  Brian J. Robertson  |  Holacracy®: Autonomy and Self-Management in Organizations
Session 3 Patrick Cassidy  |  "Survivor-Fighter-Soldier-Warrior: Evolving Our Perspective In The Midst Of Conflict" 
Session 4:  Bence Ganti  |  "Stages Of Development & Conflict Management On The Path Of Dharma"

Module Four: Working With Personal Conflict Sessions

Session 1:  Wendy Palmer  |  "True Victory Is Victory Over Oneself - Masakatsu Agatsu" 
Session 2:  Jeff Salzman  |  "Tormented by Trump"
Session 3:  Greg Thomas  |  "Resolving Conflict Via Higher Octaves: Abiding Insights from Jazz"
Session 4:  Rob Vincken  |  "Mindfully Working With Conflict"
Session 5: Panel Discussion w/ Greg Thomas, Brooke McNamara, Dylan Newcomb | "The War Of Art: Conflict And The Creative Process"

Module Five: Inter-Personal Conflict Sessions

Session 1:  Dr. Keith Witt  |  "Conflict, Evolution, and 2nd Tier Intimacy"
Session 2:  Miriam Mason Martineau  |  "Redefining Conflict Through the Lens of Parenting"
Session 3:  Nina Nisar, Jay Rothman, Rowan Simonson  |  Workshop On "Leaning Into Conflict" 
Session 4:  Dr. Tom Habib  |  "The Dharma Of The Extra Marital Affair From An Integral Perspective"
Session 5:  Dylan Newcomb  |  "Using Body-Mind-Awareness to Restore Interpersonal Coherence" 
Session 6: Jessica Graham | "Embracing Conflict For Mind-blowing Sex"

Module Six: Conflict In The World Sessions

Session 1: Gail Hochachaka | "Working with the Multiple Perspectives of Climate Change Conflict
Session 2:  Micheal Mugaku Zimmerman & Diane Musho Hamilton  |  Dispute Resolution In The Courts: The Lawyer Or Judge As Spiral Master"
Session 3:  Mark Walsh & Miles Kessler  |  “The Tyranny Of The Mean Green Meme” 
Session 4:  Panel Discussion w/ Diane Musho Hamilton, Mark Fabionar and Brenda Salgado  |  "Diversity Battles, Integrative Wisdom, & Indigeneity's Subtle Return"