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Aiki-Ken Masterclass

Course Two: 
The Complete Bokken Suburi & Awase Practices

Join Aikido Sensei Miles Kessler as he teaches you the suburi and awase practices of the Aikido Bokken.

5 Modules | 30+ Instructional Video | A Lifetime Of Learning

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

Module One: Introduction To Basic Suburi

  • Everything you need to master the basic suburi forms

  • The purpose and necessity of bokken suburi.

  • The proper speed and rhythm for bokken suburi practice.

  • The benefit that bokken suburi has on your partner practices.

Module Two: 
Advanced Suburi: Directional Cuts

  • Six basic and advanced directional cutting practices.

  • Basic and advanced footwork for turning in multiple directions.

  • The proper bokken lifting techniques in the different directional cutting forms.

  • Advanced applications of directional cutting forms.

Module Three: 
The Basics Of "Awase" - Blending

  • The two types of blending forms in the awase practice.

  • The key points of blending for all the awase forms.

  • The 4 key points for "no contact awase" practices.

  • The 5 key points of "contact awase" practices.

Module Four: 
No Contact Blending Exercises

  • The 8 basic "no contact awase" practices.

  • The basic "no contact awase" practices with multiple targets.

  • Complex application of the "no contact" awase forms.

  • The basic "no contact awase" practices with multiple attackers. 

Module Five: Contact Blending Exercises

  • The 2 types of receiving cuts in "contact awase".

  • The basic forms of "contact awase" practices.

  •  The importance of maintaining contact with partner's bokken.

  • The proper parrying techniques against partner's attack.

What People Are Saying:

Best money I've spent in a long time. Thank You Sensei!

~ Mike, U.S.A.

This series has brought to light a higher level of Aiki-Ken than I thought possible. Thank you!

~ Robert Pickens, U.S.A.

I have learned more in this Bokken series than I have with several years of Aikido practice. Thank You Miles - Please continue!

~ Michael Naranjo