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Discover The 2,500-Year-Old Practice Used By Spiritual Traditions As A Technology Of Awakening Throughout The Millennia

In this program, I reveal the sacred spiritual practice used since the time of the Buddha to cultivate unshakable presence, grow unconditional love and compassion, and increase overall fulfillment, in all areas of life.

In Meditation For Aikidoka, you’ll learn how to develop those powerful states of being within yourself and utilize them to reach your full potential for spiritual growth – whether it’s in your physical health, with your skills as a parent, your performance at work, or your Aikido practice.

You’ll get straightforward guidance, simple meditation exercises that are easy to understand and in plain English, so you can start practicing right away and enjoy the power of mindfulness in your life today.

Get The Best Training In The World Hundreds Of Aikidoka Use To Bring Balance And Harmony Into Their Lives

You’ll get powerful exercises that will help you break the negative habits of the mind - stress, fear, anxiety, and worry - that have been throwing you off balance, and grow the capacity to hold space, remain grounded and stay firmly on your path of practice.

Discover How You Can Move Beyond The Physical And Unlock Aikido’s Rich Spiritual Potential As One Of Humanity's Sacred Awakening Traditions

If you’ve been longing to practice aikido beyond the material dimensions of technical training, then Meditation for Aikidoka will help unlock the spiritual wisdom that is at the center of Aikido’s core.

Integrate the power of Mindfulness with Aikido and experience the liberating oneness, where you are so deeply centered in the moment that past and future fall away… feel the flow of moving in perfect harmony with your partners’ energy, and cultivate intuitive wisdom of responding perfectly and appropriately to the other's actions in the right moment and time.

Tap Into The Collective Wisdom Of A Growing Community Of Spiritual Realized Men And Women

Join a growing global community of fellow Aikidoka and meditators who walk the path of spiritual awakening. 

Walking the challenging path of growth with friends is always easier, and with the global sangha, you are never alone - you will always have people along side you on the to support you on your journey.


Why Do People Struggle To Awaken To Their Highest Potential…?

Spiritual awakening is hard to describe… and yet it seems many of us strive for it.

Since you’ve come here, I believe that you too, on some level, feel that itch, that calling, a desire for a higher spiritual connection, to grow to your full spiritual potential in every domain of your life. I believe that is also what brought you to practice Aikido.

Since you’re reading this, I believe that you, like me, feel the deep desire for a higher spiritual connection… even if on an unconscious level… to answer the call to grow to your full spiritual potential, and attain spiritual awakening.

And for many of us, awakening can mean different things…

Think… what does “awakening” mean for you?

…Is it to discover your true self and feel the freedom of self-acceptance?

…the freedom to express yourself authentically?

…the freedom of feeling unconditional love and compassion to all that surrounds you?

…or the ultimate freedom - the freedom of feeling one with the universe?

But as you surely know by now… the desire to walk the path of spiritual awakening is one thing… Knowing how to walk this path and grow to your full spiritual potential is a different story altogether.

Why is it so challenging to grow? To change?

I have the answer… and when you understand what it means, it will change your life forever.

The answer is simpler than you can imagine...


To Grow Up, You Must First Wake Up... And To Wake Up, You Must First Realize You're Asleep

Imagine… that moment earlier today when you were worried about a problem. It might have been something at work, or a financial problem, or what to cook for dinner. Whatever it was, you just couldn’t stop thinking about it. And thinking about it didn’t make the problem go away and you’re going crazy.

Did you stop for a moment to realize – “I’m not in control of my own thoughts!”

We don’t have your thoughts – our thoughts have us!

When we’re not awake, we are more likely to repeat the same thought habits without ever noticing. And not only thoughts – we repeat the same action habits, too… As if we’re on auto-pilot.

Of course, this has practical benefits for us, how can you grow when you’re doing the same thing over and over?

And it doesn’t end there…

When we’re not awake, our mind is always taking us between the past and the future... never staying in the present for more than a few moments.

We get triggered by fear, anger, resentment, desire, envy, jealousy – thoughts and emotions that get us off balance and throw us off the path.

I’m sure you now understand why growing up has been so challenging… until now.

If you want to grow, you must break free of the old habits that aren’t serving you anymore… you must live in the present… you must catch negative emotions before they take hold of you…

If you want to grow… you need to realize that…

Every Kind Of Growth Begins With A Moment Of Mindfulness


The Buddha said, one moment of mindfulness is greater than 10,000 years of not being mindfulness.

Every kind of growth – personal growth, psychological growth, emotional, or spiritual – only happens with a moment of mindfulness.

When we establish mindfulness, we begin to develop an impersonal relationship to the challenges that naturally arise on our path – both inward and outward. Unshaken by them, we allow creative solutions to begin to appear to handle these challenges, as if out of nowhere.

As we continue to move on your path, something interesting happens…

On the one hand, we become more focused and serious about life… and on the other hand, we take things more lightly and enjoy life to it’s fullest. This allows us to create more space in our lives to take our mind off of work and truly enjoy the time we spend with our families and friends, when we engage in our hobbies, or simply when we want to relax and take a break.

And the best thing is that others around you will also benefit from your growth…


As You Walk The Path Of Practice And Bring Your Gifts To The World

Because somewhere along the path for spiritual awakening you have a profound and life-changing experience in which you no longer see yourself as separate from others… As if the borders between you and the world drop away, and you walk through the world feeling unconditional love and deep compassion to all things

You’ll begin to relate to people more authentically and directly, and you’ll naturally create a safe space for the people around you, and they will naturally want to open up to you and seek your advice.

And now that you are one with all that is around, you feel tremendous purpose and drive to give your gifts to the world.

By this time you’ve come a long way on your path toward spiritual awakening and have many gifts to give.

Imagine… What would that mean to your relationships?

To your family?

Do your dearest friends?

To the people in your community?

To your ability to contribute to the world?

The thing is, I believe spiritual realized men and women, well they are the future of humanity. They are the ones or driving awakening to consciousness and culture. They are the ones fearlessly walk the path of conflict. They are the ones who create enormous positive impact in the world.

And let me tell you, if you want to walk the path for spiritual awakening potential and give your gifts for the world, then you must practice mindfulness…

After practicing Aikido and meditation for 30 years, I can tell you…

The Absolute Best Way To Cultivate Mindfulness Is Through The Practice Of Meditation

Mindfulness-based meditation was used by spiritual traditions as a technology of awakening throughout the millennia, since the time of the Buddha, 2500 years ago.

These traditions are in clear and unanimous agreement in their declaration

Spiritual awakening IS possible for you to attain in this very life.

The moment your mind rests still and quite in deep meditation, you’ll know this is the path you’ve always been seeking. Your life will change at that moment because you will hold to the keys to the inward path of practice.

Of course, today we know that the path to spiritual awakening is no longer about living in a cave and practicing for 60 years. And you don’t have to abandon your life and become a Buddhist monk to practice mindfulness.

After training and teaching in both Meditation and Aikido for over… I’ve trained thousands of people around the world … and over the years I’ve adapted it to my Aikidoka students and created a one-of-a-kind training program. I developed this training program to fit the busy world we live in today. 




An 8-Week Online Meditation Course with
Integral Dojo Founder Miles Kessler


Your "Meditation For Aikidoka" Journey

If you’re ready to bring the incredible benefits of mindfulness to your life and successfully walk the path of spiritual awakening, then I’d like to invite you to join me for the next 8 weeks… training in mindfulness-based meditation in your life, in a program I call “Meditation For Aikidoka.”

“Meditation For Aikidoka” is a live online training program that is designed specifically for Aikidoka. From the privacy and comfort of your own home, you’ll learn the powerful, effective, and life-changing meditation practice that I’ve developed over 15 years of teaching meditation and more than 30 years of practicing it myself.

Over the next 8-weeks, we will establish a daily meditation practice and begin to integrate what you learn in the course into all areas of your life – especially your work, your relationships, and your Aikido.

If you’ve never meditated before, then this training program will help you build the foundation of mindfulness-based meditation practice, along with the theoretical framework, and then naturally move step-by-step all the way to advanced meditation practices.

If you’re an experienced meditator, then this program will take your practice to new depths. You will discover new concepts, overcome the challenges and sticking points in your current practice, enhance your capacity to remain mindful throughout the day, and much more.

The MFA Course Curriculum

Module 1:

SHOSHIN - Aikido & The Beginners Mind

Self discovery always begins with the unknown, curiosity and the simple question of "Who am I?" 

It all begins with “Shoshin” — a foundational skill essential for each step of your journey.

If you’ve never meditated before, then “Meditation For Aikidoka” will help you start a daily mindfulness meditation practice.

What you will learn in this module: 

  • The empowering practice of intention.
  • What is the practice of "MINDFULNESS."
  • Coming home - centering in body, centering in mind.
  • The beginner's mind discovery cycle.

Module 2:

MASAKATSU AGATSU - True Victory Is Victory Over One's Self

Perhaps the most empowering  injunction that O Sensei's left to us was "Masakatsu Agatsu", or "true victory is victory over oneself."

What ever external challenges you may face they are, nothing compared to the internal challenges of your own mind.

Walking a higher Path of development means to face, work with, and integrate your own limitations. 

What you will learn in this module:

  • Embracing conflict as a higher Path.
  • Inner "awase" - learning to blend with difficult mental and emotional states.
  • The practice of "It's never their fault."
  • By stopping the inner war with self, you stop the outer war with other. 

Module 3:

MISOGI - Purification Of The Mind

Most of us believe that we are in control of our minds, but truth is... most of the time it's the other way around. 

We don't "have" thoughts such as blame, judgment, fear, desire and hatred — rather, usually these thoughts "have" us.

By purifying the mind through meditation, you gradually replace these negative mental states and emotions with more positive states of and emotions.

What you will learn in this module:

  • Mindfulness as the basic Path of purification.
  • The practice of radical acceptance.
  • How self acceptance leads to self transcendence.
  • Negativity is velcro for the mind, positivity is teflon for the mind.

Module 4:

ZANSHIN - Sustained Mindfulness

No matter how passionate we are about spiritual awakening, growing up only happens when we meet each moment fresh and new.

 Our unconscious mind is constantly ruminating on the past and being concerned about the future. This can have practical benefits, but it also removes us from the present moment.

"Zanshin" literally means "remaining mind" — a state of sustaining your awareness in the here and now.

What you will learn in this module:

  • Establishing The Foundations Of Mindfulness
  • The initial application of  the mind & sustained application of the mind.
  • Process oriented consciousness with self, and with others.
  • A sense of urgency - the practice of nothing to do, and no time to waist.

Module 5:

MUSHIN - Aikido And No Mind

O Sensei said "To understand Aiki you must first understand emptiness." 

 We tend to see the world through rose colored glasses - the conceptual lenses of our education, our culture and our personal beliefs.

"Mushin" means "No Mind" and it is the state of emptiness where all concepts drop away and you have a direct experience of reality. It is the classic state to be attained by the Spiritual Warrior.  

What you will learn in this module:

  •  The relationship between "AIKI" and "Emptiness".
  • What does it mean when fear drops away.
  • No self, no problem - no other, no fear.
  • "Kamae" - the inner stance of the mind.

Module 6:

FUDO SHIN - Aikido And The Immovable Mind

Change is the universal state of all phenomena... Your body and mind are in constant flux and flow, never coming to complete rest.

And yet paradoxically, it is possible to rest as a pure witness of all that is changing. This is a capacity that you can develop.

"Fudomyo" is the mind that does not move, that rests as the unshakable witness in pure consciousness and stays with the rising and passing away of all experience. 

 What you will learn in this module: 

  • Go beyond fear by dissolving self
  • The empowering practice of impersonality.
  • "Inner ukemi" - The practice of holding center & letting go
  • How falling apart is the requirement for becoming unshakable.

Module 7:

DAISHIN - Big Mind, Big Heart & Aikido

If the meditative state of "No Mind" dissolves all into emptiness, then the state of "Big Mind" embraces all in Oneness.

Remaining limited in the dualistic view of self and other is a closed loop from which you can never escape the zero-sum cycle of conflict.

Making the shift into the state of Big Mind will give you the liberating perspective where self and other truly come together as One.

What you will learn in this module:

  • Discovering the Unborn in Aikido.
  • Polarity and Unity in Aikido.
  • "Uchu soku ware" - The Universe and I are One.
  • The mind of wisdom and the heart of compassion in Aikido

Module 8:

TAKEMUSU AIKI - Harmony Created From Conflict

Takemusu Aiki  is the highest expression of Aikido. It is the tantric practice that merges the absolute and the relative together as one Path.

With Emptiness & Oneness as the ground of being you are able to radically embrace all of reality.

The dance of conflict & harmony is the evolutionary unfolding of Aikido. By bringing together the duality of conflict and harmony, true creativity becomes possible.   

What you will learn in this module:  

  • Embracing conflict as Path.
  • When you get out of the way, Aikido happens.
  • Creativity IS the source of Aikido.
  • How to activate of your higher intelligence.

100% Online & Mobile-Friendly

Access the course sessions on any device from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to dive in from your home computer or listen on the go, we have you covered. (Video & MP3 formats available)


Learn At Your Own Pace

As soon as you invest in Meditation For Aikidoka, you’ll get immediate access to the program. It’s pre-recorded and you will have unlimited access to it, so don’t worry if you can’t start right away or need to take it slow. The replays will be there for you when you’re ready.

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What Real Students Are Saying About Meditation For Aikidoka


"The course "Meditation for Aikido" has enabled me to establish meditation as a part of my life. Miles's teaching is both profound and simple because it is based on his own true understanding of the dharma. It has given me the skills to connect with and explore my own inner awareness and freedom."

— Chantal Waelchli, Zurich, Switzerland

"Before taking this course, I didn't know much about meditation, let alone how it was relevant to aikido. Today, I have a daily meditation practice as well as a theoretical framework that influence my aikido and my life in ways I could not have predicated. This course is invaluable for any aikidoka of any rank. I am grateful for what I have learned from Miles and the amazing people who joined me."

— Kelly Banister, B.C, Canada

"The Meditation for Aikidoka course has taken my Aikido to a new level of understanding. More importantly, this course has opened new visions in my spiritual practice… It has been a turning point in my life."

— Moris Saul, Izmir, Turkey

"This course has absolutely enriched both my aikido and meditation practices, intertwining them forever! Miles Kessler skilfully blends his solid experience in both Aikido and meditation into this excellent and unique course that serves both beginners and experienced practitioners in both arenas. This course is very interactive and rich in content, activities, and support."

— Martine Shelley, Sacramento, Ca.

"I started this course knowing next to nothing about meditation. Miles' style of instruction was ideal because it was easy to understand, but complex enough for experienced students as well. He is an endless resource and inspiration. I actually look forward to meditating daily. I hope I get a chance to take this class again!"

— Amber Adams, Los Angeles, Ca.

"Miles is a modest and precious teacher who creates an atmosphere that is very pleasant and special. He provides practical tools that helped me to integrate the teachings in daily life and better contain the challenges of a long day."

— Micha, Tel Aviv, Israel

"The MFA course helped me to make important progress in both my meditation and aikido practice. The virtual classes, community calls, along with the dharma discussions available online all helped to implement into daily practice what earlier was sort of a struggle. On my journey Miles has been an immense source of wisdom, a very approachable teacher, and an attentive coach."

— Lajos Forras, Budapest, Hungary

Connecting with Miles and the MFA community has helped me to grow by finding deeper meaning in my practice. What Miles offers is an important and it has made a wonderful difference for my own meditation, Aikido, and my work as a hypnotherapist. I feel very grateful for his deep, special work."

— Brenda Cheyne, Wellington, New Zealand, Creator of "Happily Family"

"After many years of trying to find a way to connect a meditation practice with my aikido practice, Meditation For Aikidoka finally enabled me to do that in a very meaningful way. Miles Kessler is unique. He is extraordinarily skilled as a teacher and guide and I highly recommend this course to all aikidoka everywhere."

— Jerry Jordan, Sarasota, Florida

"Miles Kessler’s understanding of both Aikido and Meditation runs very deep, and very wide. His class is reflective of his lifelong practice; and his ability to synthesize vast amounts of learning in order to meet each student where they are on this path. I am deeply grateful for his guidance."

— Wendy Marsh, BA, LMT, "Marsh Creek Coaching & Bodyworks"

What You'll Receive When You Join "Meditation For Aikidoka"!

Eight Live Course Sessions 

These live weekly 90 min. sessions are the heart of your MFA course experience. Together, with the global MFA sangha, we will meet via the Zoom video conference platform for a powerful communal learning experience.

During each class I will personally guide you through the "Mediation For Aikidoka" journey, combining Dharma Talks, guided meditations, Dharma Discussions, breakout sessions, and a clarifying Q&A session with the course participants at the end of each call.

All the live sessions are going to be recorded on video and uploaded to the member’s portal, so can always work at your own pace and catch up later.

After the programs over, you’ll still have access and will be able to go back over the material at your own leisure.

These sessions will be held on Sunday's at 11:00 a.m. PST. , 2:00 p.m. EST, 19:00 BST and Ireland, 20:00 CET, & 21:00 IST.

Weekly Personal Practice Worksheets

For each of the eight modules you will receive a PDF worksheet with easy to do exercises to help you carry the course practice into your dojo and daily life. 

These worksheets are great resources outlining the key points from each weekly module and help you integrate the practices and principles of "Meditation For Aikidoka."

Eight Weekly Practice Videos

Each week you will also receive a 20-minute practice video from me, where I will take you on a further exploration of the topic that we had covered in this week’s training.

These videos help you further your understanding what you've learned, how it relates your aikido and in other areas of your life, and give you detailed instructions on how to take the tools that you’re learning and use it in the real world.

Eight Guided Meditation Downloads

I’m also going to give you eight 30-minute guided meditation recordings – one per week – that you can listen to throughout the week, wherever you are.

You can listen to them as you meditate, or whenever you want a relaxing break.

If you've tried meditating in the past and found it challenging to maintain, use these guided meditations as an anchor to help you focus during your meditation. 

These meditations will be available to you for listening to on line, or to download the audio file for listening on your portable device.

They are very helpful, and many of my students still listen to them and enjoy them every day.

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Each week I will host a live Q&A session on our members-only Facebook group, where I will answer all of your questions, and you also get to hear questions from your fellow “Meditation For Aikidoka” students – some new to the course, to advanced questions from students who have taken the course once or twice before.

During these sessions you can ask every question and bring up some of the challenges you may have encountered during the week. I will you find-tune and clarify your practice. as well as help you overcome any challenges you may be encountering.

Plus, you’ll get the recording of these calls. This way you can go back through all the questions your fellow students have asked, so you don’t miss a thing.
These sessions cover so much that you’ll want to listen to them over and over again.

Weekly Community Cohort Meetings (via Zoom Video Conference)

Following each weekly session, you will have the opportunity to meet with other members of the MAF community. In these 30-minute meetings you'll be about to connect with community members from around the world to discuss and share about your practice. These cohort meetings a great way to bond with other members of our global sangha and tap into the collective intelligence our group.

Weekly "Dharma Learning Pod" Practice Meet-Ups

An empowering part of the MAF program are the "Dharma Learning Pods". In these learning pods you will be grouped with one or two other members for self-organized live video meetings, where you can practice together, discuss your experience of the weekly modules, and learn from each other’s experience through the course.

We started these learning pods last year immediately saw our students making remarkable progress because they felt the wonderful support of their fellow practitioners.

20 Hours Of Video and Audio Replays For Streaming & Downloading

All of the live weekly classes and Q&A sessions will be recorded, and you can access them from the member’s program.

You will have life-time access to the member's site where you can watch, re-watch, download and study the complete course at your convenience.

You’ll find the ability to review the material as often as you like at your own convenience is simply priceless.

Facebook Community Forum for Discussion and Sharing

As a course participant you will gain access to our exclusive member’s only Facebook group.

This forum is a learning community where you can interact with me and with your fellow course members as you go through your weekly modules and practices. You can get accountability share insights and breakthroughs in the practice and get encouraging words when you need it.

With the MFA members group, you are never alone, and it give you an important supportive and grounding effect to your practice. 

Join The "MEDITATION FOR AIKIDOKA" 8 Week Course And Get Started Today!

Here’s Everything You’ll Be Getting When You Invest In This Program Today

"Meditation For Aikidoka" - 2020 Edition
  • Eight Weekly Live 90 min. Course Sessions
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Eight Pre-recorded Practice Videos
  • Eight Guided Meditation Downloads
  • Weekly Personal Practice Worksheets
  • Weekly Community Cohort Sessions
  • Weekly "Dharma Pod" Practice Meet-Ups
  • 20 Hours Of Video Replays For Streaming Or Downloading
  • Access To Closed Facebook Group For Community Discussion And Resourcing
  • 20 Hours Of Downloadable Audio Archives


  • "The MFA Masterclass Sessions"
  • "Meditation & Aikido Dialogues"
  • "Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido"
  • "Aikido Boken Tutorial"
  • "MFA Live"

Join Meditation For Aikidoka Now For Just $297

To join Meditation For Aikidoka and get the 5 special bonuses you need to be willing to invest $297. This covers my time of putting it all this together for you, plus it makes sure that only serious people apply...

But you have to decide quickly, because the first class starts on Sunday, February 2nd, and we need to close registration on Saturday, February 1st... so now is the time to start making your decision. 

Here's My Guarantee To You:
100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back

When you register today for Meditation For Aikidoka you get a full 30-days to try out and enjoy the course — before you decide if it’s right for you.

Join the live calls, watch the practice videos, do the exercise worksheets, and implement what you’re learning daily. In my experience, you’ll feel the results quickly, but you don’t have to decide anything for 30 days.

If you find that you’re not getting the results that you wished for you can take advantage of my 30-day money back guarantee. Just send me an email, and I will give you a 100% refund right away - all your money back.

You’ll have a full 30 days to see if “Meditation For Aikidoka” is right for you. If you decide that it isn’t, just let us know and will gladly refund your money, no hassle, and no hard feelings.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that!

Join "Meditation For Aikidoka" Training Program Now

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  • "MFA Masterclass"
  • "Aikido & Meditation Dialogues"
  • "The Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido"
  • "Aikido Boken Tutorial"
  • "MFA Live"
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  • "MFA Masterclass"
  • "Aikido & Meditation Dialogues"
  • "The Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido"
  • "Aikido Boken Tutorial"
  • "MFA Live"
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A Once A Year Opportunity To Join Meditation For Aikidoka

Now, one last thing I need to mention - this is a limited time offer.

Because Meditation For Aikidoka is a live training program, I can only open up registration for a few days, and then close down registration before we start the class on Sunday, February 2nd.

And since after the 8-week course is over, I then open an 9-month program for advanced students, and that’s why I only open Meditation For Aikidoka to the general public once a year.

If want to get in, you need to act quickly because the registration window is never open for long.

However, don’t worry if you miss out, because the odds are pretty good that I’ll open a new Meditation For Aikidoka program is another 12 to 14 months.
If you’re not ready to set-out on your journey today, then maybe a year from now will be the right time for you.

But the question I always ask myself is this if not now when? If not me then who?

If you want to wake up to your true spiritual potential and attain spiritual awakening, then you must walk the spiritual path of practice, and you must practice mindfulness.

If you’re ready to answer the call rise to your full spiritual potential, then your next step is to click the order button below and get registered for the Meditation For Aikidoka training program.

Registration Closes On February 1st, 2020

Once registration closes this course will not be available for a full year. Join our "Meditation For Aikidoka" community now and take your meditation to the next level!









What Are Some Of The World's Leading Teachers Saying About Miles?

Diane Musho Hamilton - Zen Roshi, Integral Facilatator, Author Of "The Zen Of You And Me"

“Miles Kessler is a rare kind of teacher. He has cultivated deep meditative discipline, he is a fully embodied Aikido master, and most importantly, his heart is wide open. You can't help but grow in his company."

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD - 7th dan Aikido Sensei, Executive Leadership Coach, Author

"A bow of acknowledgement to Miles for creating the Virtual Dojo. If Aikido is going to have a part to play in this rapidly changing world, then we need Virtual Dojos to bring us together to share, collaborate and practice musubi. With this work Miles is helping us move towards leaving the world a better place.”

Linda Holiday Sensei - 6th Dan Aikido Teacher, Author, Director of Aikido Santa Cruz

“Miles’ teaching resonates with clarity and truth. You get a sense that his mind, heart and body are all in alignment as he speaks. His sincerity and humility make what he offers even more accessible and valuable.”

Lawrence Koichi Barrish - Senior Shinto Priest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America, Dojo-Cho Kannagara Aikido

"Kessler Sensei embodies an abundant passion, penetrating understanding, and unusual depth of ability. Koichi Tohei Sensei once remarked that we human beings are like “people who have been bequeathed golden treasure by our parents, yet leave that treasure locked away, and instead beg for pennies”. It is my opinion that this describes much of what we see under the umbrella term “Aikido”. A welcome and bright exception would be the clarity and vision so elegantly expressed through the work of Miles Kessler Sensei.”

Wendy Palmer - 6th, Aikido Sensei, "Embodied Leadership" trainer, & Author of "The Practice Of Freedom: Aikido Principles As A Spiritual Guide"

"I share a background with Miles of long-term mindfulness and aikido practice. I feel great appreciation for the energy and effort he generates to create opportunities for practitioners of aikido and mindfulness to share how they bring their practice to the world. It is such a gift!"

"Miles Kessler is a great teacher. But as importantly, he is a wonderful human being with a joy for life, and for all people whose paths cross with his. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from this true master, please do not even consider passing it up. Your life itself will be better for getting to know this exemplary Human Being."

Hon. Eric V. Moyé, - Texas District Judge, Aikido Sensei

Mark Walsh - Coach of “Embodied Facilitation”, “Leadership Training”, & Director of Integration Training

“Miles is one of the wisest and most human facilitators I know. I love him dearly and respect his work."

Patrick Cassidy - 6th Dan Aikido Sensei, Meditation Teacher, Conflict Resolution Trainer

"Miles' spiritual insight, understanding of the Integral perspective, and embodiment of the principles of Aikido make him a rare facilitator and teacher. His unique capacity to share directly with others is an inspiring vision of human transformation.”

Join "Meditation For Aikidoka" Training Program Now

Join Meditation For Aikidoka Now And Bring The Power Of Mindfulness-Based Meditation Into Your Life


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  • "MFA Masterclass"
  • "Aikido & Meditation Dialogues"
  • "The Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido"
  • "Aikido Boken Tutorial"
  • "MFA Live"
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  • "MFA Masterclass"
  • "Aikido & Meditation Dialogues"
  • "The Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido"
  • "Aikido Boken Tutorial"
  • "MFA Live"
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*All the live course sessions will be recorded for sharing with course participants. When purchasing this course, to the extent that you participate in these sessions, you are consenting to the recording of your image and voice for possible inclusion in future training programs from the Integral Dojo.


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