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Join Miles Kessler For A 9-Month Program Of The  "Meditation Discovery Cycle"


Phase 1: Meditation & The Body

The first 2 months of your discovery cycle will focus on "Meditation & The Body." Meditation can have the unintended result of dis-connecting the mind from the body. To balance this tendency, this is the phase for creating an integration between your  meditation, and an embodiment practice. In addition to your regular sitting practice, you will commit to a daily "mindful embodiment practice" of your choice for the 8 weeks of this cycle.

Phase 2: Meditation & The Mind

The 2nd phase of your discovery cycle will be 2 months focusing on "Meditation & The Mind." Spiritual traditions have always placed an equal importance on both "practice & theory." In the spirit of this tradition, this phase of your cycle will focus on the study of theory as a practice. You will learn to place your meditation practice into an Integral frame through weekly study of: 1) meditation theory, 2) meditation and developmental psychology, and 3) meditation and shadow work.

Phase 3: Meditation & The Heart

The next phase of your discovery cycle will be to move out of the world of the mind, and into the heart of relating. For the 2 months of this phase of the discovery cycle you will use your meditation as a basis for authentic relating, deep listening, and acceptance. In addition to your regular sitting practice, you will be given simple, yet powerful exercises that you can implement into your daily life for creating a direct heart to heart connection with others.

Phase 4: Meditation & The Spirit

"That which unites us is infinitely greater than anything which divides us." 
The forth phase of your discovery cycle will move into the practice of "Meditation & The Spirit" for 2 months. This is the practice of finding the infinite in the finite, the absolute in the relative, and the universal in the particular. You will undertake practices for seeing the depth of meditation, in the ordinary flow of life. This is where your life becomes your meditation cushion.

Phase 5: Meditation & Integration Month

In this final month of the discovery cycle you will bring everything together with "Meditation & Integration." This is where your intimate understanding of the inner world of body, mind, heart, and spirit come together as one integrated practice. 



















Monthly Live 90 min. Course Sessions w/ Miles 

These monthly online teaching sessions are the heart of the Discovery Cycle experience. One Sunday each month, you will meet with Miles and the Discovery Cycle Sangha for a teaching and practice session on the current phase of the Discovery Cycle. In these monthly live calls, Miles will guide you in how to work with each Discovery Cycle Phase for the month. The calls will include Dharma talks, breakout group Dharma discussions, and Q&A with Miles for clarifying your practice. Your course session will take place live on Sundays at 12:00 p.m. PST, 3:00 p.m. EST, 20:00 GMT, and 21:00 CET. 

Monthly Q&A On Zoom w/ Miles

Once a month Miles will do a live Q&A session on Zoom for the members of the Discovery Cycle program. In these live 60 min. sessions Miles will answer any questions you have to help clarify your practice. If you cannot join live, the replay will always be available to watch anytime. The Q&A sessions with Miles are a great way to help you to both fine-tune and clarify your practice. The live Q&A calls will take place every other Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. US Pacific time (2:00 p.m. US Eastern time) and at 20:00 Central Europe (subject to change).
*There will be no Q&A sessions in August.

NEW - Monthly Live 90 min. Peer-Hosted Sangha Meeting 

These monthly online peer-hosted sangha meeting are designed o support your practice through the  month. You will have the opportunity to gather with your fellow members to check in on your weekly practices, participate in Dharma Discussions, share practices, and meditate together. Your Sangha meetings will take place live on Sundays at 12:00 p.m. PST, 3:00 p.m. EST, 20:00 GMT, and 21:00 CET. 

NEW - Monthly "Hot-Seat" Interview

Each month Miles will conduct a "hot-seat" interview with one member of the Discovery Cycle program. In these "hot-seat" interviews Miles will question the participant about their practice, give them adjustment instructions, and guide them on how to proceed in their practice. These interviews will be recorded and offered for the other course members to learn from.
*The "Hot-seat" interviews are optional and will be selected only from those who are interested.

NEW - Weekly Practice Videos

Each week you will receive a practice video based on the specific phase of the practice you are in. In these practice videos Miles will give you guidance and short exercises for you to do during the week. These short practice videos are great anchors to support you in your practice of meditation through the Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit, AND Integration.

Bi-weekly Pre-Recorded "Dharma Bites" w/ Miles

Every other week you will receive a pre-recorded "Dharma Bites" meditation audio to listen to throughout the week. These meditation audios are recordings of Miles teaching during meditation gatherings and retreats. These "Dharma Bites" are inspiring talks that can be powerful catalyst for awakening in your daily life through out the week. They will be available to you for listening to online, or to download as an audio file for portable listening.

Discovery Cycle Community Private Facebook Group

As a course participant, you will gain access to our exclusive, closed facebook group. This forum will be your learning community where you can interact with Miles and other course members as you go through your Discovery Cycle Phases and weekly practices. This will be your home base where we will post your challenges and wins, Facebook Live broadcasts, questions for Miles, and the Dharma Bites.

Monthly Pre-recorded Q&A's w/ Miles

Once a month you will get a pre-recorded Q&A video with Miles. In these recordings Miles answers relevant questions from previous MFA students. These Q&A recordings are exclusively for those in our MFA and Discovery Cycle Programs. The Q&A sessions with Miles are a great way to help you to both fine-tune and clarify your practice.

All Content In Downloadable Video & Audio Formats

Each one of the monthly sessions will be available to you for re-listening to online, or for downloading to listen at your convenience. These audio archives will be a valuable Dharma resource for you to keep and re-listen to for years to come.


Week One

Live Session w/ Miles   Practice Video  |  Pre-Recorded Dharma Bite

Week Two

Peer Hosted Sangha Meeting   Practice Video  |  Hot-Seat Interview

Week Three

Live Q&A Call w/ Miles   Practice Video  |  Pre-Recorded Dharma Bite

Week Four

  Practice Video   Pre-Recorded Q&A  |  Guest Teacher Interview


"After starting the MFA 8-week course, I began to face deeper questions. The "9-Month Continuity Program" gave me the opportunity to understand these concepts in a much deeper way. Over the 9 months I had plenty of time to discuss my new experiences with Miles. I also had the time to observe how these new insights helped my aikido on the mat. The "MFA 8-week Course" introduced me to a world that I was not aware of. The “9-Month Continuity Program” gave me the ability to enjoy this new world.  "

Moris Saul
Izmir, Turkey

"It is very inspiring to connect and share with people all around the world. This multi-form "9-month continuity program" supported me to integrate the practice progressively over a long period of time. It helped me make a link between my meditation practice, my Aikido on the mat, and my daily life. I just recommend this course!"

Aline Barraud

"Each one of the bonus guests teachers are a jewel of wisdom. I can say that I started to understand quite a bit more of their wisdom thanks to the 9-month program."

"The 9 month meditation course which Miles offers provides an ideal way to integrate core practices of Aikido and meditation. By taking a month to examine each one of these principles, the student gains a deeper understanding of how Aikido is both a martial art and meditation in practice which can be applied both in and out of the dojo."

Brad Hendricks
Washington, D.C.

"The MFA 9-month continuity program really launched my personal meditation practice and changed everything. It gave me the chance to go deeper, but in a slower and deeper with ongoing support from Miles. My regular meetings with my Dharma pod partners enabled my floating puzzle pieces to fall into a meaningful place. I went from zero to a daily practice as a result of the two MFA courses. My day is no longer complete without meditation, whether a long or short sit. As time goes on, my understanding grows of how meditation practice affects everything, aikido and beyond. I never would have imagined this before the MFA 9-month continuity program."

Kelly Banister
British Columbia, Canada

"The MFA 9 month continuity program was just that, continuity. The 8 week course was so rich in content, it was really great to go back to each module and really sit with each one for a whole month. Also having a meditation community for a whole year to support and be supported by was super valuable. The regular meetings with my "pod mate" helped me process things and be accountable for my practice. This was priceless! And the Q&A sessions lent even more richness to the program. No regrets, and I gained so much from the year! "

Matine Shelly
California, U.S.A.

Join The "MEDITATION FOR AIKIDOKA" 9-Month Continuity Program!

What you will get when you invest in this program:

  • Monthly Live 90 min. Course Sessions w/ Miles
  • Monthly Q&A Session w/ Miles
  • NEW - Practice Video Each Week
  • NEW - Monthly Peer-Hosted Sangha Meeting
  • NEW - Monthly Hot-Seat Interview
  • Bi-weekly Pre-recorded "Dharma Bite" w/ Miles
  • Monthly Pre-recorded Q&A Videos
  • Special Facebook Group For Course & Community Platform
  • All audio and video content available in downloadable format

9-Month Meditation Discovery Cycle Program

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