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The Hero's Journey Of Meditation

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Online Meditation Membership Community
w/ Miles Kessler


New Course Opens Sunday, June 20th, 2021

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Online Membership Program Is NOW CLOSED

Thank you for your interest in joining the "Meditation Discovery Cycle w/ Miles Kessler. If you want to be informed when the next Discovery Cycle is opening, then please leave your email below.

We Are All On Our Very Own Hero's Journey

Meditation is a higher path of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discipline. Walking this path can indeed be challenging. But it is also the core practice that leads towards your greater potential. 

As such, meditation is nothing less than your very own hero's journey. 
You are invited to join me and our global meditation sangha as we collectively explore the new phase of our Meditation Discovery Cycle:

"Meditation And The Hero's Journey".


~ Miles Kessler



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Phase 1: Answering Your Call To Adventure

Your meditation journey begins with answering the call to grow into your future potential. Saying "yes" to this call will launch you on a personal journey of growth and unfolding that you could never have imagined.

In this first phase of your discovery cycle, you will engage the practice of "setting of intentions" and learn how the fundamental practice of mindfulness is the catalyst that activates your journey and supports you every step of the way. 

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Phase 2: Your Spiritual Weapons - Practices, Methods, Attitudes

Having answered the call to your greater spiritual potential it is essential to learn the practices, methods, and attitudes needed for moving out of your comfort zone and into the zone of development and learning.

In this phase of the discovery cycle, you will learn the practices and attitudes that have been at the core of contemplative traditions throughout human history. These are the very practices that will serve as your "spiritual weapons" navigate your inner path

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Phase 3: Crossing The Threshold To The Inner Path

Skillfully applying your practices will establish you on the path. This will naturally lead you across the threshold and into the non-ordinary experiences of your meditation journey

In this phase of your discovery cycle, you will learn how to recognize the barriers of meditation and work with them as hindrances. You will understand what it means to access concentration, cross the threshold to a deeper meditative experience, and enter the inner path of insight. This is where your true inner journey begins.

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Phase 4: Meeting Allies And Guides Of The Path

It is a fact that nobody can walk the path for you. It is also a fact that most of us cannot navigate the way forward alone. We need guides and allies who have gone before us. Men and women for whom the path is thoroughly known and who have an intimate understanding of the unfolding process.

In this phase of the cycle, you will learn how to open up to and recognize the allies, mentors, and guides that will support you along your path.

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Phase 5: Challenges, Trials, & Tribulations

An authentic spiritual practice is a higher path of physical, mental, and emotional discipline. As such, sooner or later you will be lead to your own limitations where you will be confronted with challenges, trials, and tests. 

In this phase of the cycle, you will learn how to patiently work through these inevitable challenges, and develop the necessary internal conditions for breakthroughs and peak experiences on the path.

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Phase 6: "The Dark Night Of The Soul" As Spiritual Insight

A crucial phase of your spiritual journey (as well as your life journey) is the deeper process of purification that can often be experienced as the dark night of the soul.

In this phase of your discovery cycle will explore how following certain peak experiences, there can be an inevitable slide into challenging stages of the path. Compassionate support and skillful navigation will move you through these experiences.

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Phase 7: Transforming Temporary States To Permanent Traits

With continious meditation practice you will develop the ability to enter into deeper, transpersonal states of consciousness. However, for some time these states only temporarily arise during your meditation, only to fade into memory when you are not meditating.

In this phase of the cycle, you will learn the integration practices for transforming these temporary state experiences into permanent traits. 

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Phase 8: Atonement - After Awakening, Shadow Work

The return journey begins with reconnecting with the things we left behind on our outward journey. Atonement is the process of reconnecting, making amends where needed, and healing what has to be left unhealed.

In this session, you will learn that reintegrating with the outside world begins with reintegrating with your very own self. The atonement phase of your practice is the beginning of your return journey.

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Phase 9: The Return To The Marketplace

No path is complete without a return to the marketplace. This is how you come full circle on your path to become a freely functioning, and fully intagrated human being.

In this phase of the discovery cycle, you will learn what it means to come back down from the metaphorical mountain top and fully re-enter society, and find your place in the marketplace. You will explore the meaning of what it means to be in the world, but not of the world.

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Phase 10: Offering Your Gifts To The World

Having come full circle on your hero's journey you will have full knowledge of, and a deep appreciation for every stage of the path. As such, when you meet others on their developmental journey you get what they are going through and can support them accordingly.

Your state of being begins to automatically impact others and your gifts become an abundant overflowing of who you are.

Meditation Discovery Cycle Program Via ZOOM Video Conference

All the Meditation Discovery Cycle Sessions take place on the Zoom video conference platform. Zoom is easy to use and a great way to connect in practice together with our Global Sangha! 

All you need for joining the calls is a good internet connect, and a mic and camera on your laptop or desktop. It's a simple click of the zoom link to join the conference call.

For mobile devices all you need to do is download the Zoom App in the APP STORE, or on GOOGLE PLAY for Android devices.



Week One

Live Session w/ Miles   Practice Video

Week Two

Sangha Meeting | Pre-Recorded Meditation Teaching


Week Three

Live Q&A Call w/ Miles |  Practice Video


Week Four

Live Session Call w/ Miles Pre-Recorded Meditation Teaching

Program Content Description

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Twice A Month Live 90 min. Zoom Course Sessions w/ Miles 

These bi-monthly online teaching sessions are the heart of the Discovery Cycle experience. Tow Sunday's each month, you will meet with Miles and the Discovery Cycle Sangha for a teaching and practice session on the current phase of the Discovery Cycle. In these live Zoom sessions, Miles will guide you in how to work with each Discovery Cycle Phase for the month. The calls will include Dharma talks, breakout group Dharma discussions, and Q&A with Miles for clarifying your practice. 

Your course sessions will take place live on Sundays at 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT, 19:00 BST, 20:00 CEST, & 21:00 IST

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Monthly Q&A On Zoom w/ Miles

Once a month Miles will do a live Q&A session on Zoom for the members of the Discovery Cycle program. In these live 60 min. sessions Miles will answer any questions you have to help clarify your practice. If you cannot join live, the replay will always be available to watch anytime. The Q&A sessions with Miles are a great way to help you to both fine-tune and clarify your practice.

Your live Q&A sessions usually take place on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT, 19:00 BST, 20:00 CEST, & 21:00 IST
*There will be no Q&A sessions in August.

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Monthly Sangha Meeting

Each month you will be able to join our monthly Sangha Meeting which is held on an off week from our group sessions. The Sangha Meetings are peer-led sessions where you will be able to spend time with your fellow meditators to discuss the course material, share about your practice, and of course sit in meditation together.  

Your Sangha Meetings will take place on the second Sunday of the month at 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT, 19:00 BST, 20:00 CEST, & 21:00 IST

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Bi-Weekly Practice Videos

Every 2 weeks you will receive a practice video based on the specific phase of the practice you are in. In these practice videos Miles will give you guidance and short exercises for you to do during the week. These short practice videos are great anchors to support you in your practice of meditation through the Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit, AND Integration.

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Bi-Weekly "Meditation Download"

In addition to the two monthly practice videos, every other week you will get a pre-recorded "meditation download" from MIles. These "Dharma Talks" are designed to support your daily practice as well as invite you into a deeper contemplation of how meditation applies to your daily life. 

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Daily Virtual Sitting Room

When you join the Meditation Discovery Cycle you will gain access to our community "virtual sitting room". You will be able to join our daily online sitting "Zoom Rooms" that scheduled twice daily for mornings in Central Europe and North America.

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Course Material Accessible Via Mobile App

All of the course material is accessible on our mobile devices via the Kajabi app. This app gives you full access to the entire Meditation Discovery Cycle program content for viewing or listening to online at your convenience. This app archive is a valuable Dharma resource for you totap into the wisdom to for years to come.

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Discovery Cycle Community Private Facebook Group

As a course participant, you will gain access to our exclusive, closed facebook group. This forum will be your learning community where you can interact with Miles and other course members as you go through your Discovery Cycle Phases and weekly practices. This will be your home base where we will post your challenges and wins, Facebook Live broadcasts, questions for Miles, and the Dharma Bites.

About Your Teacher Miles Kessler

Miles Kessler is a dual-lineage holder in both Aikido and the Mahasi tradition of Mindfulness-based Meditation.

For over 25 years Miles has been teaching meditation, Aikido and spiritual awakening to thousands of people around the world.

His work focuses on the development of meditative insight, the integration of shadow, and the embodiment of spiritual practice. 


Meditation Discovery Cycle Student Testimonials


Bob Pearce

Susan Avallone-Belli

Steve Rocket

What Other Meditation Students Of Miles Are Saying...

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"This meditation course with Miles has taken my practice to a new level of understanding. More importantly, this course has opened new visions in my spiritual practice… It has been a turning point in my life."

- Moris Saul, Izmir, Turkey
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"This course has enabled me to establish meditation as a part of my life. Miles' teaching is both profound and simple because it is based on his own true understanding of the Dharma. It has given me the skills to connect with and explore my own inner awareness and freedom."

- Chantal Waelchli, Zurich, Switzerland
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"I started this course knowing next to nothing about meditation. Miles' style of instruction was ideal because it was easy to understand, but complex enough for experienced students as well. He is an endless resource and inspiration. I actually look forward to meditating daily. I hope I get a chance to take this class again!"

- Amber Adams, Los Angeles, Ca.
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"It is very inspiring to connect and share with people all around the world. This meditation program has supported me to integrate the practice progressively over a long period of time. It helped me make a link between my meditation practice and my daily life. I just recommend this course!"

- Aline Barraud, Switzerland
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"The meditation course which Miles offers provides an ideal way to integrate core practices meditation and your daily life. By practicing with these principles,  the student gains a deeper understanding of how meditation is practice which can be applied both on and off the cushion."

- Brad Hendricks, Washington D.C.
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"Before taking this course, I didn't know much about meditation, let alone how it was relevant to daily life. Today, I have a daily meditation practice as well as a theoretical framework that influence my life in ways I could not have predicated. This course is invaluable for anyone seeking more mindfulness in life. I am grateful for what I have learned from Miles and the amazing people who joined me."

- Kelly Banister, Thetis Island, Canada
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Connecting with Miles and his meditation community has helped me to grow by finding deeper meaning in my practice. What Miles offers is an important and it has made a wonderful difference for my own meditation, and my work as a hypnotherapist. I feel very grateful for his deep, special work."

- Brenda Cheyne, Wellington, New Zealand
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"Miles Kessler’s understanding of Meditation runs very deep, and very wide. His class is reflective of his lifelong practice; and his ability to synthesize vast amounts of learning in order to meet each student where they are on this path. I am deeply grateful for his guidance."

- Wendy Marsh, Montana, USA
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"Learning meditation with Miles has helped me to make important progress in both my meditation practice and daily life. The virtual classes, community calls, along with the dharma discussions available online all helped to implement into daily practice what earlier was sort of a struggle. On my journey Miles has been an immense source of wisdom, a very approachable teacher, and an attentive coach."

- Lajos Forras, Budapest, Hungary


New Course Opens Sunday, June 20th, 2021

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What you will get when you invest in this program:

  • Bi-Weekly Live Course Session  

  • Monthly Q&A Session

  • Monthly "Sangha" Community Meeting

  • Bi-Weekly Practice Videos

  • Bi-Weekly Meditation Teaching

  • Access To Our Members Virtual Sitting Room

  • Access To All Cotent Via Our Mobil App

  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access

Registration For The "Meditation Discovery Cycle"  
Online Membership Program Is NOW CLOSED

Thank you for your interest in joining the "Meditation Discovery Cycle w/ Miles Kessler. If you want to be informed when the next Discovery Cycle is opening, then please leave your email below.

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“Miles Kessler is a rare kind of teacher. He has cultivated deep meditative discipline, he is a fully embodied Aikido master, and most importantly, his heart is wide open. You can't help but grow in his company."

Diane Musho Hamilton - Zen Roshi, Integral Facilatator, Author Of "The Zen Of You And Me"
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"A bow of acknowledgement to Miles for creating the Virtual Dojo. If spiritual practice is going to have a part to play in this rapidly changing world, then we need Virtual Dojos to bring us together to share, collaborate and practice "musubi" - connection. With this work Miles is helping us move towards leaving the world a better place.”

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD - Teachers, Executive Leadership Coach, Author "The Leadership Dojo"
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"I share a background with Miles of long-term mindfulness and aikido practice. I feel great appreciation for the energy and effort he generates to create opportunities for practitioners of aikido and mindfulness to share how they bring their practice to the world. It is such a gift!"

Wendy Palmer - 6th, Aikido Sensei, "Embodied Leadership" trainer, & Author of "The Practice Of Freedom: Aikido Principles As A Spiritual Guide"
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"Miles' spiritual insight, understanding of the Integral perspective, and embodiment of the principles of Aikido make him a rare facilitator and teacher. His unique capacity to share directly with others is an inspiring vision of human transformation.”

Patrick Cassidy - 6th Dan Aikido Sensei, Meditation Teacher, Conflict Resolution Trainer
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“Miles’ teaching resonates with clarity and truth. You get a sense that his mind, heart and body are all in alignment as he speaks. His sincerity and humility make what he offers even more accessible and valuable.”

Linda Holiday Sensei - 6th Dan Aikido Teacher, Author, Director of Aikido Santa Cruz
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“Miles is one of the wisest and most human facilitators I know. I love him dearly and respect his work."

Mark Walsh - Director of “Embodied Facilitators Course”, “The Embodiment Conference", and "Embodied Yoga Principles."
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"Kessler Sensei embodies an abundant passion, penetrating understanding, and unusual depth of ability. The Aikido master Koichi Tohei Sensei once remarked that we human beings are like “people who have been bequeathed golden treasure by our parents, yet leave that treasure locked away, and instead beg for pennies”. It is my opinion that this describes much of what we see under the umbrella term “Aikido”. A welcome and bright exception would be the clarity and vision so elegantly expressed through the work of Miles Kessler Sensei.”

Lawrence Koichi Barrish - Senior Shinto Priest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America, Dojo-Cho Kannagara Aikido

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