The word Dharma means
absolute truth, universal principle, or ultimate reality.

This points to the spiritual understanding that at the deepest level of consciousness, indeed at the deepest level of being human We Are All One.

It is the eternal truth at the esoteric core of all the worlds wisdom traditions. It is this deepest spiritual perspective that boldly proclaims;

“That Which Unites Us Is Infinitely Greater Than Any Thing That Divides Us”

We Live In Interesting Times

And yet, despite this deeper spiritual nature, if you just look around at the world today you will see conflict to a degree of which we have never faced before.  

We are in the midst of conflicts that impact every level of our lives: relational, social, cultural, political, racial, gender, economic, environmental, religious, to name just a few areas. 

In the face of all this conflict and divisiveness, you cannot help but ask the question;

"If we are all ONE, then why doesn’t it feel that way?"

What if there were a community

of inspired teachers, facilitators, thought leaders, therapists, and practitioners working towards personal, inter-personal, and systemic solutions to the challenges we are facing in these times?

A community of people who embrace conflict, in all its forms, as a necessary force of “evolutionary tension” leading towards greater Truth, Goodness, & Beauty in the world. 

People, just like you, whose primary reason for getting together is because they are passionate about development... and they love to practice together.

Would you gather with such a Sangha?

The Integral Dojo Presents

"Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict"

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Here Are Your Guides For "Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict"

A Letter From Your Host, Miles Kessler

Hello All,

I'm very happy to invite you to join me and 30 of my inspiring friends for the “Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict” tele-summit archives.

In my 30 plus years of teaching Aikido, Dharma, and Integral Practice it has always amazed me how when we come together as a community, and explore development with a clear intention, a courageous spirit, and an open heart, a collective wisdom begins to arise that actually speaks through us.

Your guides in this amazing resource are men and women with some of the most beautiful minds, and open hearts in the Dharma, Therapeutic, and Integral Practice worlds. They are spiritual teachers, therapists,  activists, thought leaders, facilitators, educators, and coaches. All bringing you their own unique wisdom in service of "Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict." 

It is true that we need teachers and guides to help us to tap into the wisdom of conflict. But it is also true that for this wisdom to be fully expressed in the world... the wisdom of conflict also needs us.

Come join us for the "Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict“ experience.

With Love,

Miles Kessler
The Integral Dojo

"Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict"
Your 6 Transformational Modules

Module One:
The Keynote Address Sessions

Session 1:  Ken Wilber  |  "Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict"

Session 2:  Miles Kessler  |  "The Evolution Of Response" 

Session 3:  Steve McIntosh  |  "Embracing Conflict with Polarity Theory"

Session 4:  Diane Musho Hamilton  |  "When Diversity Creates Division"

Session 5:  Communal Round-Up Gathering


Module Two:
The Dharma Sessions

Session 1:  Dr. Ginny Whitelaw  |  "Zen & The Art Of Conflict" 

Session 2:  Fr. David McCallum, S.J. | "Integral Christian approach To Conflict & Reconciliation"

Session 3:  Dr. Dominique Cassidy  |  "How Non-Duality Transforms Conflict"

Session 4:  Maria Bailey & Miles Kessler  |  "Compassion: From Conflict To Passion" 

Session 5:  Rob McNamara  |  "Dharma, Death and The Existential Conflicts Designed to Destroy Us"

Session 6: "Shelley Pearce | “Engaging Our Heart's Wisdom While Facing Life’s Challenges” 


Module Three:
The Evolution Sessions

Session 1:  Terry Patten  |  "The Coming Storm and the Next Level of Ferocity"

Session 2:  Brian J. Robertson  |  Holacracy®: Autonomy and Self-Management in Organizations

Session 3:  Patrick Cassidy  |  "Survivor-Fighter-Soldier-Warrior: Evolving Our Perspective In The Midst Of Conflict" 

Session 4:  Bence Ganti  |  "Stages Of Development & Conflict Management On The Path Of Dharma"


Module Four:
Working With Personal Conflict Sessions

Session 1:  Wendy Palmer  |  "True Victory Is Victory Over Oneself - Masakatsu Agatsu" 

Session 2:  Jeff Salzman  |  "Tormented by Trump"

Session 3:  Greg Thomas  |  "Resolving Conflict Via Higher Octaves: Abiding Insights from Jazz"

Session 4:  Rob Vincken  |  "Mindfully Working With Conflict"

Session 5:  "The War Of Art: Conflict And The Creative Process"  |  Panel Discussion w/ Greg Thomas, Brooke McNamara, Dylan Newcomb



Module Five:
Inter-Personal Conflict Sessions

Session 1:  Dr. Keith Witt  |  "Conflict, Evolution, and 2nd Tier Intimacy"

Session 2:  Miriam Mason Martineau  |  "Redefining Conflict Through the Lens of Parenting"

Session 3:  Nina Nisar, Dr. Jay Rothman, Rowan Simonson  |  Workshop On "Leaning Into Conflict" 

Session 4:  "Dr. Tom Habib  |  "The Dharma Of The Extra Marital Affair From An Integral Perspective"

Session 5:  Dylan Newcomb  |  "Using Body-Mind-Awareness to Restore Interpersonal Coherence" 

Session 6: Jessica Graham | "Embracing Conflict For Mind-blowing Sex" 


Module Six:
Conflict In The World Sessions

Session 1: Gail Hochachaka | "Working with the Multiple Perspectives of Climate Change Conflict

Session 2:  Micheal Mugaku Zimmerman & Diane Musho Hamilton  |  Dispute Resolution In The Courts: The Lawyer Or Judge As Spiral Master"

Session 3:  Mark Walsh & Miles Kessler  |  “The Tyranny Of The Mean Green Meme” 

Session 4:  Panel Discussion w/ Diane Hamilton, Mark Fabionar and Brenda Salgado  |  "Diversity Battles, Integrative Wisdom, & Indigeneity's Subtle Return"



"The gathering of these teachers and their insights in one place is so valuable. The experience deepened my understanding of how we can work towards a more evolved perspective of the universe. "

Mandy Barber

"What an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise! I learned so much from the excellent group of teachers and presenters, who shared their wisdom in such an inspiring way."

Moritz Gorny

"I would recommend this tele- summit without any reservations! It’s a complete psychological make over."


"Dharma and the evolution of conflict was so much learning for me. The range of conversations based on conflict blew my mind wide open. From sex, to parenting, to poetry... There’s so much here to discover!"


"I continue to allow the “Wow” to unfold! There is such a depth of Collective Wisdom from Miles Kessler’s collection of thought leaders the Dharma & The Evolution of Conflict tele-summit."

Ruth Simone

"I was so touched by the dedication and devotion the host and teachers put into this tele-summit. At a time when we are in a worldwide spiritual backlash, it was inspiring to witness this steadfast commitment to evolution. I'm very glad I stumbled upon this conference."

Marcy Weiland

"Sometimes the internet offers some really valuable golden nuggets. "Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict" was evidence of that. People from all over the world discussing and evolving together, sharing their values, their experience, and their points of view. All so we can build a better world... together!"


"This was wonderful... and we didn't even have to travel! I still feel the residual "high", excitement, and joy. I would heartily recommended this conference to all my friends and loved ones. Thank you Miles!

Katie McKee

"Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict brings together advanced activists who are facing into the most urgent questions of our time. They all bring a sophisticated, yet beautifully humble approaches to our common struggle. So we can evolve into the future... now! "

Pierrot Hans

"To learn from these giants in their fields brought their ideas more within reach for me. I feel empowered to apply their teachings into my my life."


"This tele-summit has come at just the right time for me. It has reminded me once again that we are all one big tribe and no one is alone with their practice, or their dreams. Thank you for this teaching!"

Renate Kavuza

"Of all the summits I have been attended, the "Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict" summit really was the most inspiring, fulfilling and informative. Truly. So when I say thank you for your work I really mean it. "

Vanessa Peare


Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict


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