The Non-Duality Of O Sensei

As a 100% life-affirming martial art, Aikido is unique in the world of Budo. Aikido's founder, O Sensei, was a powerful martial artist, but it was from his profound "Non-Dual" awakening that Aikido was born.

As a beautiful expression of non-duality, Aikido is an art that is both fully martial, and also fully spiritual. As a martial art, Aikido fully meets conflict, but rather than engaging conflict to perpetuate separation, Aikido is an art that restores wholeness. In O Sensei's Aikido "Budo Is Love." 

The "Non-Duality" of Aikido is probably best stated by O Sensei's declaration of awakening, his lion's roar:

"Uchu Soku Ware" - The Universe and I are One"

This is Aikido's "Non-Dual core. In this course Aikido Sensei and Meditation teachers Patrick Cassidy, & Miles Kessler, together w/ Dominique Cassidy will guide you through the 3 phases of practice of "Aikido & Non-Duality." 



8-Week Online Course With Patrick Cassidy & Miles Kessler

with Special Guest Dominique Cassidy
JUNE 16th - AUG. 4th, 2019

The Integral Dojo excited to be offering our new course on "Aikido & Non-Duality" to our global Aikido community.

In this course you will be guided by Patrick Cassidy, Miles Kessler, and Dominique Cassidy who are all teachers of Aikido and meditation. They will guide you through Aikido's spiritual dimensions in a step-by-step program where you will learn the perspectives and practices that will awaken Aikido's spiritual potential in your practice, and your life.

Over the eight weeks of this course you will learn the powerful, effective, and life-changing practices that have already impacted the lives of many people around the world.

Your Guides For "Aikido & Non-Duality"



Phase One:
Glimpsing Non-Duality

Every "Non-Dual" awakening begins with the "glimpse." Those moments of grace, when we shift beyond the separate sense of self, and we have a direct experience of the Non-Dual nature of reality. It may happen in ordinary moments of daily life, when we come into contact with this perspective through another person, or even in those moments of flow in Aikido. Whatever the case may be, once we see the absolute in the relative, the impact of this experience changes us forever.

The sessions of this phase will help you to recognize, and thereby strengthen those moments of glimpsing Non-Duality.

Phase Two:
Stabilizing Non-Duality

As important as having a non-dual glimpse is, without a commitment to the path and practice of Non-Duality then your glimpse will become just another experience that happened to you in the past. Practices such as meditation, spiritual inquiry, contemplation, satsang, Dharma Discussions, including the practice of Aikido, are all powerful "stabilizing" practices for Non-Duality. 

The sessions of this phase dive into the actual practices for stabilizing Non-Duality so it becomes a powerful, and transformative point of reference in your life.

Phase Three:
Being In The World But Not Of It

Even though awakening to Non-Duality is important, simply keeping it for your self is not enough. A mature practice means not only awakening to your non-dual nature, but to fully embrace the relative world we are part of. Anything less is simply dualistic.

The sessions of this phase emphasize the on-going practice of integration. How to fully take your place in our human family, while being a living connection between heaven and earth.

"Aikido & Non-Duality" 8 Weekly Course Sessions
Here's What You'll Learn

Session One w/ Patrick Cassidy - June 16th, 2019

Awakening to "No-thing-ness"

How do we recognize that who we are is not a "thing", that who we are does not have any actual borders, that the idea of separation is just that, an idea? How does this impact our approach not only to the Art of Aikido, but to our relationship to life as a whole?  Join Patrick in this direct investigation of our being without limitation.

Session Two w/ Miles Kessler - June 23rd, 2019

A Window Into The Absolute

From the moment you become self-aware as an infant, you are launched into the world of duality... the world of self and other separation, and the human dilemma of conflict. And yet, throughout your dualistic existence there are moments of grace... where you glimpse perfection, and a sense of wholeness. In this session Miles will guide you in recognizing these easy to miss "windows into the absolute" and see how they become powerful reference points for further awakening into non-duality.

Session Three w/ Patrick Cassidy - June 30th, 2019

Integrating The Non-Dual Perspective

What is the process that occurs as you "digest" or integrate a perspective of no separation?  How does this perspective become a ground for your interaction with the world?  What does it mean to be without limitation and experience your unique and personal point of view simultaneously? In this session Patrick will show you how integrating a perspective of no limitation, non-duality, and freedom from fear, will start to rewire your life in ways that are beyond expectations.

Session Four w/ Patrick Cassidy - July 7th, 2019

Evolving Into The Next Step

With a new awakening to life without separation you will discover a deeper integration as the ground of our being. What are the steps to embody this freedom and inhabit it as your home? How can you facilitate a process of evolution personally and collectively? In this session Patrick will teach you the clear steps for bringing your awakening and integration into  a new expression of who you are.  

Session Five w/ Dominique Cassidy - July 14th, 2019

The Wisdom Of Oscillations

“Smaran-Vismaran” is Sanskrit for "Remembrance-Forgetfulness." It is a term that describes the process usually occurring after awakening: the oscillation between the new non-dual perspective and the old dualistic one. Join Dominique in this session exploring how to both recognize and work with those oscillations.

Session Six w/ Miles Kessler - July 21st, 2019

The Aikido Koan

Aikido from the non-dual perspective is nothing less than a "Koan." It is a riddle that can never be understood from your basic survival instincts, nor from your intellect. In this session Miles Kessler Sensei will lead you into a deeper understanding of this practice beyond instincts and intellect, and help you become established in "non-duality" with the profound "pointing-out instruction" that is "The Aikido Koan."

Session Seven w/ Dominique Cassidy - July 28th, 2019

Like Writing On Water

How can you recognize when your actions are completely free? And when they are still conditioned by the belief in a "separate me"?  Join Dominique in this session as she guides you in practical exercises for deepening the conscious embodiment of a non-dual perspective.

Session Eight w/ Miles Kessler - August 4th, 2019

Being In The World But Not Of It

The end of our journey is a paradoxical beginning. Every hero's journey culminates with a "return to the market place", and thus begins the endlessly challenging practice of integrating the non-dual perspective into your life. In this final session of the course Miles Kessler Sensei will guide you through the stage of maturity of "being in the world, but not of it."

Look What People Are Saying About Courses From The Integral Dojo

"The Integral Dojo's on-line courses helped me start a process that is still with me. Waking up has been a big challenge and these courses create a beautiful container of support with great compassion and curiosity. A life changing experience!"

- Danni
Copenhagen, Denmark

"I found a very high level practice space with an ability to relate to people in different stages of the way and a good balance between traditional ways and modern life. Anyone seeking for a place to learn and grow in a sincere manner can find it here.”"

- Efrat
Tel Aviv, Israel

"These course sessions connected what is happening in my present life with my deeper issues and dreams. They activated discussions that continue up to today."

- Josef

"It really opens me up to work with people in the Integral Dojo courses. The group experience and the connection is amazing, everyone puts in so much and I thank all the teachers for taking that energy and reflecting it back on us!"

- Chiara

"I was very impressed by the technical smoothness which took us from dialog to Breakout Groups and back to a delightful closing. These sessions deserve further consideration in both virtual dojos and ones with actual mats.Thank you all, leaders and participants."

- Bill

"The Integral Dojo Online Courses help me to understand my experiences on my integral/spiritual path. For me it is supportive to share the thoughts in a very honest way with others, hear their words, hear my words, and surprise myself. It's easier to go further."

- Sabine

"Living in a country so far away from the Aikido mainstream, I feel blessed to be able to connect with great teachers and an amazing group of people on the same path. Thanks for creating such a valuable gift!

- Cathy

"What an extraordinary mix of contemporary masters sharing their insights and knowledge of Aikido. I feel privileged to be taking part in this remarkable opportunity."

- Elle

"I am so inspired by this online course! What an honor to receive the expertise, perspectives, and experience of these great teachers. What an honor with people all around the world."

- Mandy

What You'll Receive On This 8-Week Course On "Aikido & Non-Duality"

Eight Weekly Course Sessions

These live weekly 90 min. sessions are the heart of your "Aikido & Non-Duality" course experience. Together, with our global sangha, we will meet via the Zoom video conference platform for a powerful communal learning experience.

During each class your 3 teachers will personally guide you through the "Aikido & Non-Duality" journey, combining Dharma Talks, guided meditations, Dharma Discussions, breakout sessions, and a clarifying Q&A session with the course participants at the end of each call.

All the live sessions are going to be recorded on video and uploaded to the member’s portal, so you can work at your own pace and catch up on any missed sessions.

These sessions will be held on Sunday's at 11:00 a.m. PDT, 2:00 p.m. EDT, 19:00 BST and Ireland, and 20:00 Central European timezone.

Weekly "Dharma Learning Pod" Practice Meet-Ups

An empowering part of the "Aikido & Non-Duality" program are the "Dharma Learning Pods". In these learning pods you will be grouped with one or two other members for self-organized live video meetings, where you can practice together, discuss your experience of the weekly sessions, and learn from each other’s experience through the course.

These learning pods are very popular and past our students reported making remarkable progress because they felt the wonderful support of their fellow practitioners.

Weekly Community Cohort Meetings (via Zoom Video Conference)

Following each weekly session, you will have the opportunity to meet with other members of the A.N.D. course community. In these 30-minute meetings you'll be able to connect with community members from around the world to discuss and share about your practice. These cohort meetings are a great way to bond with other members of our global sangha and tap into the collective intelligence our group.

Facebook Community Forum for Discussion and Sharing

As a course participant you will gain access to our exclusive, closed facebook group. This forum is a learning community where you can interact with Miles and other course members as you go through your weekly modules and practices. Sharing your challenges, insights and breakthroughs in the practice can be extremely supportive and have a grounding effect on your practice. 

12 Hours Of Video Session Replays For Downloading & Streaming

All of the course sessions will be recorded and available for watching on your member's site. You will have life-time access to the member's site where you can watch, re-watch, download and study the complete course at your convenience.

12 Hours Of Audio Downloads

All of the course sessions will also be made available to you as an audio download. You will be able to listen to these recordings on line, or to download to listen at your convenience. These audio archives will be a valuable Dharma resource for you to keep and re-listen to for years to come.

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"Aikido At The Leading Edge Masterclass"

There is no replacement for learning with an experienced teacher, mentor, or guide. They keep you moving forward on the path, and usher you into deeper ability, insight, wisdom.

If you had the opportunity to learn from, work with, and be guided by one such teacher would you take it? What if you had the opportunity to learn from 12 the Aikido World’s most inspiring Sensei, facilitators, coaches, and spiritual teachers?

Now you can join Robert Frager, Linda Holiday, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Paul Linden, Dave Shaner, Wendy Palmer, Patrick Cassidy, Teja Fudomyo Bell, Mark Walsh, Dominique Cassidy, and Miles Kessler - in this fully digital, online, self-paced training... This is there Masterclass!

$197 VALUE - Free when you join "Aikido & Non-Duality"

"Aikido & Meditation Dialogues"

9 Dharma Talks & Practice Sessions with Inspiring Teachers From Today's Aikido World

John Stevens, Wendy Palmer, Koichi Barrish, Patrick Cassidy, Teja "Fudomyo" Bell, Dominique Cassidy, Eran "Junryu" Vardi & Rob Vincken. 
Aikido and meditation go hand in hand. They inform each other, and one cannot be separated from the other. And because of that, you’ll find that your meditation practice also impacts your practice in the dojo and vice versa.
The "Aikido & Meditation Dialogues" is are series of Dharma Discussions that I’ve recorded live, with some of the leading teachers in the world, in the realm of Aikido and Meditation. These Dharma talks and discussions were recorded live, with some of the leading teachers in the world in the realm of Aikido and Meditation. Together, we guide you into the spiritual core of the art of Aikido.

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"From The Dojo To The World"

6 Sensei Audio Course & Ebook

In 2015 The Integral Dojo produced the online ecourse "From The Dojo To The World" w/ 6 of the Aikido world's most inspiring teachers. All 6 of these sessions are now packaged in an e-course w/ audios of each session, as well as a transcribed PDF ebook of each session.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Robert Frager Sensei: "O Sensei's Floating Bridge"
  • Richard Strozzi-Heckler Sensei: "The Leadership Dojo"
  • Richard Moon Sensei: "Aikido In 3 Easy Lessons"
  • Paul Linden: "Embodied Peacemaking"
  • Patrick Cassidy: "Evolutionary Aikido"
  • Miles Kessler: "Polarity & Unity In Aikido"

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Join Patrick Cassidy, Miles Kessler, and guest teacher Dominique Cassidy for a 3-day live retreat in the beautiful mountains of Valais, Switzerland.
The full retreat cost is 400 CHF (about $400) - you will receive a $100 discount to the live retreat with the purchase of the "Aikido & Non-Duality" 8-week online course.

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  • 12 Hours Of Downloadable Audio Archives


  • "Aikido At The Leading Edge Masterclass" -  Fully digital, online, self-paced training w/ Robert Frager, Linda Holiday, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Paul Linden, Dave Shaner, Wendy Palmer, Teja Fudomyo Bell and more!
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  • "From The Dojo To The World" - 6 Sensei Audio Course and Ebook.
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"Aikido & Non-Duality"

8 Week Online Course
w/ Patrick Cassidy & Miles Kessler
Special Guest Dominique Cassidy


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  • "From The Dojo To The World" - 6 Sensei Audio Course and Ebook ($97 Value)
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Frequently Asked Questions

This 8-week online course offers 100% online learning so you can take the program from anywhere, no travel required! Each course session is offered live on online via streaming on the ZOOM video conference platform. You also have the option to watch each session replay via streaming on our member's site. You can also download the video or audio of each session to watch at your own convenience. Just choose the learning option that works best for you. In total there are 12+ hours of content.

Yes! All types of people have gone through this training, both those studying Aikido and those who are not.

As an art based on universal principles, "Aikido & Non-Duality" is full of practical teachings that you can take into any aspect of life and see immediate benefit. 

Alumni include teachers, facilitators, coaches, therapists, mediators, parents, business men and women, students, and cultural creatives. This course for anyone who wants to bring spiritual principle of Non-Duality into their lives. This training is for anyone who wants to bring forth more light into the world.

When you purchase the "Aikido & Non-Duality" you'll have a full month - that's 30 days - to go through the live sessions and apply the teachings to your Aikido and your life. If you show-up and complete all the sessions and you're still not satisfied with tangible results of this course, then just let me know and I'll give you a full refund.

That's how confident I am in the value of the transformational experience you'll get from the "Aikido & Non-Duality." I can't think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

We’re ready to answer them! Just email us at [email protected]


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