Join this first of its kind online global event that ran for 10 days, from May 12th to the 21st, 2017.

Bow in to our "virtual dojo" and learn from 46 men and women who are teachers, thought leaders, pioneers, and entrepreneurs in the Aikido world.

Join these amazing teachers as they discuss the questions that are relevant to YOU for exploring what it means to live, practice, and walk the Path of "Aikido At The Leading Edge."


The "Aikido At The Leading Edge" Tele-Summit is your opportunity to learn from some of the top Aikido teachers in the world today. 

Join them as they share decades of experience, deep discoveries, and Aikido wisdom. 

This is your access to the best Aikido teachings to transform your Aikido practice, your Aikido community, and your understanding of the art.

This was the Aikido world's biggest educational experience
of the year!


Robert Frager, 7th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Sufi Sheik, Psychologist

Christian Tissier, 8th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, 7th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Author, Leadership Facilitator

Robert Nadeau, 8th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Wendy Palmer, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Leadership Embodiment

Jan Nevelius, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Linda Holiday, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Author

John Stevens, 7th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Author

Joe Thambu, 8th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Kimberly Richardson, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei 

Paul Linden Ph.D, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Trauma & Peace Work

Mouliko Halen, 7th Dan
Aikido Sensei

David Shaner, 8th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Author, Consultant

Rev. Koichi Barrish
Shinto Priest, Aikido Sensei

Quentin Cooke, 7th Dan
Aikido Sensei, VP Aiki-Extensions

Miranda Saarentaus, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Patrick Cassidy, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Conflict Resolution

Susan Chandler M.A., 5th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Corporate Trainer


Dr. Dirk Muller, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Corky Quakenbush
Aikido Sensei, Animation Artist

Richard Moon, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Jack Wada, 7th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Kayla Feder, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Anita Paalvast, 4th Dan
Change Facilitator, Aikido@Work

Vince Salvatore, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Roy Dean, Aikido & BJJ
Brazilian Jujitsu Instructor

Josh Gold, 4th Dan
Ikazuchi Dojo, Aikido Journal

Dave Goldberg, 5th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Judit Elze
Aikido Sensei

Paula "Rei Kiku" Femenias
Zen Master, Aikidoka

Mark Walsh
Embodiment Facilitator

Sonja Sauer, 3rd Dan
Aikido Sensei

Blaine Feyen, 4th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Aiki-Cast Podcast

Lenny Sly, 
Aikido Sensei, The Rogue Warrior Youtube Channel

Robert Kent
Aikido Sensei, President Of Aiki-Extensions

Dr. Dominique Cassidy, 4th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Meditation Teacher, Psychiatrist

Charles Colten, 4th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Director Of "Aikido In The Schools"

Rokas Leonavičius, 3rd Dan
Aikido Sensei, Aikido Siauliai YouTube Channel

Eran "Junryu" Vardi, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Zen Roshi

Bjorn Saw, 5th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Aikido Alive

Bill Leicht, 1st Dan
Urban, Peace Dojos Intl.
Aiki Extensions

Bogdan Heretoiu, 3rd Kyu
Film Maker - "Living Aikido Life"

Dan Messisco, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei

Teja Fudomyo Bell, 5th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Qigong, Zen Roshi

Lucile Barres
Misogi Dogi, Founder

Prof. Fred Phillips Phd., 5th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Author

A Letter From Your Host, 
Miles Kessler

Hello All,

I'm totally excited to be inviting you to this first of it’s kind online gathering of the GLOBAL AIKIDO TRIBE.

“Aikido At The Leading Edge” Tele-Summit was a 10-day online gathering of some of the Aikido world’s leading voices. I invite you to join me and learn from these inspiring men and women as they share their perspectives and vision of the art.

In my 30 plus years in Aikido it has always amazed me how when we come together as a community, and explore the art with a clear intention and an open heart, the wisdom of Aikido actually begins to speak through us. It is true that our teachers help us to tap into Aikido's wisdom. But for this wisdom to be expressed in the world, it is very clear that Aikido also needs us.

In my teaching travels, here in my home dojo, and in our online community, I am regularly approached by people who long to bring the Aikido community together in this higher purpose. Simply because we love to learn, to explore, and to practice TOGETHER.

There is an old African saying that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”  It is with this clear communal intention that I have envisioned this Tele-Summit.

Let’s walk this Path together and co-create "Aikido At The Leading Edge“

With Love,

Miles Kessler
The Integral Dojo


"Wowwowwowwowwowwow!!! This is our generation's equivalent of Stan Pranin's First Aiki Friendship Demonstrations."

Dave Rubins
Aikido Sensei

"Thanks a lot Miles for such a unique event. So much Quality, so much Quantity."

Christoph Stangier

"I'm grateful to you and what you have given not just the Aikido community, but the collective consciousness as well. "

Matt Rogers Fluty
Aikido Sensei

"Miles deserves a gold star for his creation."

Steve Rockett

"What a great success! Many thanks for making such rich resource available to the aikido community!"

Kai Morgan

"What a gift! A rare opportunity to sit with so many great teachers & soak in their stories, their characters, their combined experience. Feeling the synergy of everyone gathering is simply..... magic. This tele summit is super-food; giving a shot of deep-nutrition to our emerging, global, Aikido community."

Dawn Higgins

"What an amazing resource! Bringing together the luminaries of the Aikido world; what a gift!"


"It is truly a great service in the way you are holding this space and knitting our community together. Thank you so much!"

Charles Colton

Aikido In The Schools

"This was a community of trust, openness and total good will you created. So well done! Thank you!"

Sonja Sauer
Aikido Teacher

"Thank you for the beautiful opportunity to share and work with all the other teachers. It's been a very enriching experience; a lot to learn! Nice to see your inspiration flow so powerfully!"

Dominique Cassidy
Aikido Sensei & Meditation Teacher

"Wow this is great! 

Thank you brother Miles. Refreshing to sit with you 

and congrats on an AMAZING teleconference that is serving so many!"

Nathanel Chawkin

Aikido Teacher & Executive Leadership Coach

"Such an amazing event with so many inspiring people."

Marina Legatis

"Oh my goodness, this continues to be so good! 

You have proven that when you get a bunch of aikidoka together good stuff is bound to happen! "

Jeff Dowdy

"You have opened the circle! We needed that. We may have different styles, but one thing that we all have without debate is the same principles of Aikido."

Steven Wasserman
Aikido Sensei

"Miles Kessler, the tele-summit was a monumental achievement. Big congratulations and thanks. "

Dr. Fred Phillips
Aikido Sensei

"This Aikido Summit of yours Miles was incredible. I have so loved listening to the many interviews and they make me realize what an amazing thing you have done."

Gillian Barlow

"That was an amazing 10 days!"

Hung Le

"What can I say? I would like to thank Miles Kessler for having the vision and the will to create such an important event. I found it extremely inspirational and helpful to my practice of aikido and at the way I look at life in general."

Andri Spyridaki

"The energy, ideas and inspiration from the amazing 10 days of the summit were flowing through me as I trained this evening. Deepest gratitude to all the teachers for their shared wisdom."

David Warden

"Overwhelmingly, the feeling I got was that we have a much more open and inclusive community than I previously thought. I think Stan Pranin would have loved this."

Paul Conway

"This summit has been a breathe of fresh air! You've brought us all together wonderful man."

Andy Channer

"It was fantastic! I think you are making Aikido history. Thank you very much Miles!"

Andrea Ebert

"This was a fabulous Summit. What a great way to connect to the global Aikido community to share ideas and attain new insights. I'm looking forward to the next one. "

Grant Babin
Aikido Sensei

"I've been training in and teaching aikido for about 35 years so it was an experience to have a sense of renewal on the one hand, and some confirmation of my own aikido path on the other. These sessions will be worth revisiting for further inspiration."

Peter Downs
Aikido Sensei

"I'm very convinced that this experience will set the course for a new way of teaching, learning, living Aikido."

Andrea Merli

"This telesummit came at the perfect time. It was such a relief to hear so many people speak about the spiritual aspects of Aikido"

Ilona Fried

"I feel incredibly grateful for the time, energy, depth, wisdom, and work that everyone contributed to bring this extraordinary compilation of teachings to the world. Thanks Miles and all, for an amazing experience of learning….sans planes trains and automobiles. Many blessings. "

Elle Pearce



Session 1:  Opening Keynote Address - Miles Kessler | "Aikido's Emerging Paradigm" 

Session 2: Workshop w/ Patrick Cassidy & Miles Kessler | "Evolutionary Aikido"

DAY 2:

Session 1:  Interview - Robert Frager Sensei | "The Ego's Journey Towards Wholeness Through Aikido"

Session 2: Interview - John Stevens Sensei | "O Sensei's Vision For Aikido"

DAY 3:

Session 1: Panel Discussion: “Spitting Out The Bones - On A Post-Japanese Aikido Culture” | w/ Teja “Fudomyo” Bell, Richard Moon, Patrick Cassidy, & Miles Kessler

Session 2: Panel Discussion: “The Uke/Nage Relationship: Why We Need Each Other To Evolve” | w/ Dr. Dirk Mueller, Judith Elza, Sonja Sauer, Miles Kessler

Session 3: Interview - Linda Holiday Sensei | "Journey To The Heart Of Aikido"

Session 4: Workshop: Paul Linden | “Stress and Peacemaking” 

DAY 4:

Session 1: Workshop w/ Dominique Cassidy | "Aikido & Meditation"

Session 2: Interview - Kimberly Richardson Sensei | "Aikido & Spirituality"

Session 3: Panel Discussion: “Aikido And Peace Making” | w/ Aiki Extensions teachers Paul Linden, Quentin Cooke, Robert Kent, and Bill Leicht

Session 4: Panel Discussion: “Old School vs. New School: Learning Methods In Aikido” | w/ Josh Gold, Charles Colten, Dr. Fred Phillips, Paul Linden

DAY 5:

Session 1: Panel Discussion: “Aikido As A Healing Art” | w/ Susan Chandler, Dr. Dirk Mueller, Dr. Dominique Cassidy, & Paul Linden

Session 2: Panel Discussion - "The Soul's Journey In Aikido" | w/ Rev. Koichi Barrish, Patrick Cassidy, Miles Kessler

Session 3: Panel Discussion - “Why We Need A Dharma Of Aikido” | w/ Teja “Fudomyo” Bell, Eran "Junryu" Vardi, Paula "Rei Kiku" Femenias, & Miles Kessler

DAY 6:

Session 1: Workshop w/ Mark Walsh | “Aikido As A Tool For Personal Growth” 

Session 2: Panel Discussion - "Aikido As A Life Path" | w/ Kayla Feder, Mouliko Halen, & Miranda Saarentaus, Vince Salvatore

Session 3: Interview - Wendy Palmer Sensei | “Self-Reflection Through Aikido"

Session 4: Panel Discussion - "Aikido And Non-Duality" | w/ Dan Messisco, Bjorn Saw, Patrick Cassidy, Dave Goldberg

Session 5: Panel Discussion - “Is Aikido A Martial Art?” | w/ Lenny Sly, Roy Dean, Vince Salvatore, Corky Quakenbush

DAY 7: 

Session 1: Interview w/ Christian Tissier Sensei | "An Aikido Life"

Session 2: Interview - David Shaner Sensei | "The Unlikely Story" 

Session 3: Panel Discussion: "O Sensei Revisited” | w/ Bob Nadeau, Jack Wada, Richard Moon, Moderated by Patrick Cassidy

Session 4: Panel Discussion - "Is the Uchi Deshi System Still Relevant In Today's World?" | w/ Joe Thambu, Blaine Feyen & Miles Kessler

DAY 8:

Session 1: Workshop w/ Anita Paalvast | “Organizational Change Through Aikido Principles” 

Session 2: Interview - Jan Nevelius Sensei | "Finding Your Own Aikido"

Session 3: Panel Discussion - "Aikido and Media" | w/ Josh Gold, Roy Dean, Rokas Leonavičius, Bogdan Heretoiu

Session 4: Interview - Joe Thambu Sensei | "Aikido Past, Present, And Future"

DAY 9:

Session 1: World Cafe - “What Is The Future Of Aikido” | w/ - Miles Kessler & Anita Paalvast

Session 2: Sensei Round Table | w/ Various Teachers

DAY 10:

Session 1: Keynote Address - Richard Strozzi Heckler Sensei | “Aikido in the 21st Century: Self, Society, and Nature" 

Session 2: Tele-Summit Close - Your Turn & Community Sharing
w/ Miles Kessler


Miles Kessler Bio

Miles Kessler Sensei is an American teacher of Aikido (6th Dan), meditation, and Integral Practice. He lived in Asia for over 12 years achieving mastery in both Aikido and meditation.

For 8 years Miles lived in Japan and studied Aikido full time at the famous Iwama dojo with the late Morihiro Saito Sensei (9th dan Aikikai), including one year as a live-in apprentice (uchi deshi). 

After leaving Japan Miles spent a total of 3 years on intensive Vipassana meditation retreats. He practiced under the guidance of the renowned Burmese meditation master Sayadaw U Pandita in Burma, and Sayadaw U Vivekananda in Lumbini, Nepal. It was under their close guidance that Miles finished his formal meditation training in 2006. 

Miles holds lineage in both the Iwama tradition of Aikido, and the Mahasi tradition of Vipassana meditation. This dual lineage is a rare accomplishment, making Miles a unique gift among western teachers.

Miles has been teaching internationally and guiding individuals and groups in developmental and transformational work for the past 20 years.

Miles has lived in Israel since 2006, where he is the guiding teacher of the Integral Dojo - Tel Aviv, a center for Aikido, Dharma, and Integral Practice. 


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  • Robert Frager Sensei: "O Sensei's Floating Bridge"
  • Richard Strozzi-Heckler Sensei: "The Leadership Dojo"
  • Richard Moon Sensei: "Aikido In 3 Easy Lessons"
  • Paul Linden: "Embodied Peacemaking"
  • Patrick Cassidy: "Evolutionary Aikido"
  • Miles Kessler: "Polarity & Unity In Aikido"


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